Kerala PSC Fireman Trainee First Aid Questions And Answers -

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Monday, 2 March 2020

Kerala PSC Fireman Trainee First Aid Questions And Answers

Kerala PSC Fireman Exam FirstAid Questions and Answers :: Kerala PSC Fireforce Exam First Questions and Answers :: First Aid Multiple Questions and Answers :: 


1. Due to the essential nature of washing your hands, how much time is recommended to wash your hands?
A.10 seconds
B.20 seconds
C.1 minuteIncorrect response
D.4 minutes

Answer : B

2. You come upon a person who has lost a significant amount of blood, has a very pale skin color, and is confused. What do you suspect the cause to be?
B.StrokeIncorrect response
C.Low blood sugar

Answer D

3. While dining out in a restaurant you hear a mother cry out that her six-month-old child, who was given some marbles by an older child, is gagging. His mouth area is turning blue and he’s unable to take a breath or cry out. What would you do first in this scenario?
A.Begin CPR
B.Attempt rescue breaths then compressions
C.Deliver back blows and chest thrusts
D.Blind finger Sweep
Answer C

4. While performing CPR on an infant, another rescuer appears on the scene, what do you do next?
A.Immediately transport the patient
B.Wait until exhausted, then switch
C.Have the second rescuer help with CPR, to minimize fatigue
D.Have the second rescuer begin ventilations; ratio 30:2
Answer : C

5. Where should you place the AED pads when treating an infant for pediatric cardiac arrest?
A.Chest and back
B.Do not use an AED on an infant
C.Upper chest and mid abdomen
D.Wherever they fit
Answer A

6. How long should you check for breathing while performing CPR?
A.Do not check for breathing, continue chest compressions
B.2 seconds
C.5 seconds
D.No longer than 10 seconds
Answer D

7. After finding an unresponsive child, yelling for help, and confirming the child isn't breathing what would be your next course of action?
Leave the child and search for an AED
Deliver rescue breaths as most cardiac arrest occur due to breathing problems
Begin back blows and chest thrusts
Deliver 30 chest compressions
Answe rD

8. When you try to give an unresponsive adult a rescue breath and the chest does not appear to rise, what would you do next?
A.Perform abdominal thrusts
B.Begin CPR
C.Go call 911
D.Repeat the head tilt/chin lift maneuver and attempt the breath again
Answer D

9. After finding someone who is unresponsive, has a pulse but does not appear to be breathing, you find you are unable to give them CPR, what do you do next?
A.Begin CPR
B.Repeat the head tilt/chin lift maneuver and attempt the breath again
C.Abdominal thrusts
D.Heimlich maneuver
Answer B

10. Arriving first to the scene, you find an unresponsive person with no pulse that has thrown up. You feel CPR is not something you are comfortable giving them. What would be the next best thing for you to do?
A.Wipe off the face or cover with a shirt
B.Compression only CPRCorrect response
C.Go and get help
D.Do not initiate resuscitation

Answer B

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