Kerala PSC Staff Nurse Grade 2 Exam Detailed Syllabus ( Allopathy,Homoeo)

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Anatomical terms,Cell & Tissues
Circulatory system-Heart & Blood vessels structure,function Lymphatic system-structure & function Respiratory system- structure & function,physiology of
respiration Digestive system- structure & function,process of digestion
Excretory system- structure & function of kidney,ureter,bladder,& urethra
Endocrine system-- structure & function of pituitory, thyroid, parathyroid, adrenal,pancreas,ovary & testis
Reproductive system- - structure & function of male& female reproductive organs
Nervous system-brain & nerves,spinal cord,autonomic nervous system
Sense organs-skin,ear,nose,eye & tongue,physiology of vision,hearing, smell, touch,taste
Skeletal system-bones, tendons, ligaments, cartilages
Muscular system-types, structure & function
Micro organisms-classification,common diseases,study of microbes Infection & its transmissions ,Sources, types.
Immunity,Types,Immunization Schedule
Disinfection & sterilization,asepsis,biomedical waste management

Scope of learning psychology for nurses, Structure of mind ,Body Mind relationship, Learning, Thinking, Reasoning, Observation, Perception, Attention(Nature & Factors affecting) Personality-& Intelligence-(Nature,Assessment,Development of)

Scope in Nursing , Uses, Influence of environment in individual development,Rights & Responsibilities of individual in democratic society Family-Characteristics, Types, Family cycle, Functions ,Types of Marriage Society—Social groups , Social change ,Social control , Social stratification, Social agencies, & Social problems Culture & characteristics, Community ,types –rural & urban


a) Nursing education-scope and purposes,basic principles of teaching,lesson plan,methods of teaching-case method,bedside clinic,nursing rounds,nursing
b) Introduction to research-need and importance, characteristics, research approaches,methods,datab collection process , analysis of data,evidence based
c) Professional trends and adjustment-nursing as a profession, professional ethics and etiquettes,personal and professional development,continuing education, inservice education,career in nursing,nursing in future,legislations in nursing,common legal hazards in nursing,professional organisations-INC, ICN,
TNAI,SNA,WHO,red cross

d) Nursing administration and ward management philosophy, principles,management process-planning, organisation, staffing, directing, co-ordination and control,budgeting,administration of hospital/ ward,safety measures,leadership styles,problem solving, records and reports,material management,cost and financing of health care.

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