Kerala PSC 50 Previous Questions and answers Part- 2

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50 The first cricket club in Kerala was formed at : Thalassery
51 The first Delhi Sultan who married Hindu Princess : Alauddin Khilji
52 The first south Indian language in which Bible was translated : Tamil
53 The largest religion in the world next to Christianity : Islam
54 The only Commonwealth country in south America : Guyana
55 Who led the revolt in Lucknow during 1857 revolt : Begum
Hasrat Mahal
56 Who was known as ‘’Sakyamuni’’: Buddha
57 The coldest capital is that of : Mongolia
58 Sinn Fein was the national movement of : Ireland
59 “Navamanjari” authored by Sree Narayana Guru is dedicated to : Chattampi Swamikal
60 Chengiz Khan was a native of : Mongolia
61 Founder of ‘’Vidhyaposhini’’ : Sahodaran Ayyappan
62 Hindu Maha Sabha leader who requested Hindus to boycott Quit India Movement : V.D. Savarkar
63 In which year Ayyankali passed away : 1941
64 Lingaraaja temple is in : Bhuvaneswar
65 Of the tributaries of River Indus , the one which emerges
from the easternmost: Sutlej
66 Only people of which country can become the President of World Bank : America
67 Real name of Brahmananda Sivayogi : Karat Govinda Menon
68 The basic text of Bharatnatyam : Abhinayadarpanam
69 Who was known as the Father of Renaissance : Petrarch
70 Who was the regent of Akbar : Bairam Khan
71 Autobiography of N.N. Pillai : Njan
72 ‘Be Prepared’ is the slogan of : Bharat Scouts and Guides
73 ‘Daivamae Kaithozham Kelkkumarakanam” is a poem authored by : Pandalam Kerala Varma
74 “Ente Gurunathan” on Mahatma Gandhi is composed by : Vallathol Narayana Menon
75 Argument between Kerala and Tamil Nadu is over the dam : Mullapperiyar
76 Belur, the Headquarters of Ramakrishna Mission is in :West Bengal
77 Bermuda Triangle is at : The Atlantic ocean
78 Blood Pressure of a sleeping person : Decreases
79 Crimea was part of : Ukraine (Now annexed by Russia)
80 During British Regime the summer residence of the Governor of Madras was at : Ooty
81 French Open is related to : Tennis
82 Mannathu Padmanabhan started his career as a : Teacher
83 Mary Antonette was killed followed by : French Revolution
84 Name the vitamin required for the proper functioning of reproductive organs: Vitamin E
85 Official language of France : French
86 The first chairman of Cochin Port Trust : V.R. Subramanium
87 The first Indian woman who procured Pilot license : Urmila K. Pareekh
88 The first private company which launched air service in the national level : East West Airlines
89 The main religion in Brazil: Christianity
90 The main religion of Meghalaya : Christianity
91 The President of the interim government formed on 2 September 1946: Lord Wavell 92 British regime in India lasted for how many years : 190
93 Castner Process is related to the production of: Sodium
94 Endosulphan is a : Pesticide
95 Father of Indian Meteorological Department : Dr.P.R.Pisharodi
96 Father of Indian Space Science : Vikram Sarabhai
97 Forest in Kerala known for star tortoises : Chinnar
98 Ganga and Yamuna merges at : Allahabad
99 Headquarters of Kerala State Pollution Control Board :Thiruvananthapuram
100 Height of Mount Everest : 8848 m
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