Lab Assistant (Higher Secondary Education) Exam Questions and Answers 2018

Kerala PSC Lab Assistant (Higher Secondary Education) Exam Questions and Answers 2018 | Kerala PSC Repeated Questions and Answers |  Download PSC Previous Questions and Answers 

1. The toxic substance contained in tobacco:
(a) Heparin 
(b) Nicotin
(c) Hirudin 
(d) None of these

2. Valley of Flowers National Park is in:
(a) U.P. 
(b) Uttarakhand
(c) Jammu and Kashmir 
(d) Sikkim

3. Silk route is related to ...
(a) Nathu La 
(b) Bomdi La
(c) Shipki La 
(d) Khardung La

4. Which dynasty was known as ‘Andhrajas’?
(a) Pallavas 
(b) Guptas
(c) Cholas 
(d) Satavahanas

5. The capital of Pakistan at the time of its formation:
(a) Quetta 
(b) Rawalpindi
(c) Islamabad 
(d) Karachi

6. Marco Polo who visited India in 13th century belonged to:
(a) Morocco 
(b) Ethiopia
(c) China 
(d) Italy

7. The Muslim invader who sacked Somnath Temple in 11 th century A.D:
(a) Mahmud Ghori 
(b) Mahmud Ghazni
(c) Muhammad Bin Qasim 
(d) Babur

8. Writer’s Building is the secretariat of:
(a) Uttar Paradeh 
(b) Andhra Pradesh
(c) Bihar 
(d) West Bengal

9. The highest peak above main sea level in Western Hemisphere:
(a) Everest 
(b) Chimbarazo
(c) Aconcagua 
(d) K2

10. The first Vice President of India to die in Harness:
(a) Krishan Kant 
(b) Zakkir Hussain
(c) Fakruddin Ali Ahmed. 
(d) None of these

11. Reformation was started by:
(a) Martin Luther King 
(b) Leonardo Da Vinci
(c) Petrarch 
(d) Martin Luther

12. A new born baby has .... bones.
(a) 206 
(b) 300
(c) 280 
(d) 250

13. Who authored ‘Natural History’?
(a) Magallan 
(b) Ptolemy
(c) Plutarch 
(d) Plini

14. The Indian prime minister who abolished privy purses through the 26th amendment of the Constitution:
(a) Indira Gandhi 
(b) Rajiv Gandhi
(c) Morarji Desai 
(d) Charan Singh

15. The acid present in lemon and oranges:
(a) Acetic acid 
(b) Malic acid
(c) Oxalic acid 
(d) Citric acid

16. Who presided over the fourth Buddhist council?
(a) Aswaghosha 
(b) Vasumitra
(c) Kanishka 
(d) Nagarjuna

17. Which disease is known as ‘Sailor’s plague’?
(a) Scurvy 
(b) Tuberculosis
(c) Marasmus (d) Rickets

18. The bomb that was dropped in Nagasacki:
(a) Little Boy 
(b) Tall man
(c) Fat Boy 
(d) Fat Man

19. Who wrote ‘Natyasastra’?
(a) Vatsyayana 
(b) Vyasa
(c) Valmiki 
(d) Bharata

20. Who was known as the ‘prince of moneyers’:
(a) Babur 
(b) Huantsang
(c) Shah Jahan 
(d) Muhammad Bin Tughlaq

21. NATO was formed in:
(a) 1947 
(b) 1948
(c) 1949 
(d) 1950

22. The first king to inscribe the image of Buddha on coins:
(a) Harsha 
(b) Asoka
(c) Kanishka 
(d) Kumarapala

23. Which Article of the Constitution envisages ‘equality before law’:
(a) 32 
(b) 17
(c) 19 
(d) 14

24. The speaker of Lok Sabha submits his resignation to:
(a) President 
(b) Vice President
(c) Deputy Speaker 
(d) Prime Minister

25. Which incident compelled Gandhiji to repeal the NonCooperation movement?
(a) Jallianwalla Bagh 
(b) Chauri-Chaura
(c) Champaran Sathyagraha 
(d) Wagon tragedy

Answer Key
1(b) 2(b) 3(a) 4(d) 5(d)6(d) 7(b) 8(d) 9(c)10(a) 11(d) 12(b) 13(d)14(a) 15(d) 16(b) 17(a) 18(d) 19(d) 20(d) 21(c) 22(c) 23(d)24(c) 25(b)
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