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1 Nataraja Guru is the son of the renaissance leader :Dr Palpu
2 The renaissance leader who formed ‘’Karshaka Sangham” in Malabar : Vagbhatananda
3 The minimum age for marriage of boys and girls were made 14 and 18 respectively by the Sarada Act of in
1929 when the Viceroy was : Lord Irwin
4 Ancient Hayakstan is present day : Armenia
5 Chattampi Swamikal learned ‘’Hatayoga’’ from : Thycaud Ayya
6 Father of organ transplantation : Joseph Edward Murray
7 Headquarters of Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited : Bangalore
8 In which year Indian Air Transport was nationalized :
9 Deacon’s Process is related to the production of: Chlorine
10 Farmers added calcium oxide in soil to : Reduce its acidic nature
11 Golden Globe Award is related to : film
12 Home of Nilgiri Thars, which is a National Park in Kerala: Eravikulam
13 In which plant carbohydrate is stored in flower : Cauliflower
14 In plants sexual reproduction takes place through : Flowers
15 In which year National Green Tribunal came into being:2010 (October)
16 In which year State Human Rights Commission was established in Kerala: 1998
17 Inscription of Vikramadhithya Varagunan : Paliyam inscription
18 ‘’Karthika’’ is a variety of which crop : Paddy
19 Manjira is the tributary of : Godavari
20 Mumbai High is known for : Oil mining
21 Popular festival of Assam : Bihu
22 Russian traveller who visited Kerala: Athanasius Niktin
23 Sunlight Vitamin is :Vitamin D
24 The combustion material at the tip of safety match stick:Antimony sulphide
25 The country with the largest number of official languages: South Africa
26 The district in Kerala which has the largest extent of mountainatious regions : Idukki
27 The fastest reptile : Iguana
28 The first Chief Minister of Assam : Gopinath Bordoloi
29 The forest in Kerala which is known for its bio diversity :Silent valley
30 The most populated country in African continent :Nigeria
31 The people sitting below a burning bulb feels heat dueto : radiation
32 The second non Indian woman who became the President
of Congress : Nelli Sengupta (1933)
33 The state of matter in the Sun : Plasma
34 Tomb of Tutankhamun is in : Egypt
35 Tusk of elephant is modified : Incisors
36 Vazhakkulam in Ernakulam is known for the cultivation of : Pineapple
37 ‘’Virippu krishi’’ is harvested in which month of Kollamera : Kanni
38 Which animal is known as the King of animals : Lion
39 Which full time sportsman is nominated as member of Rajya Sabha as per Article 80 of the Constitution : SachinTendulkar
40 In which year MILMA was established: 1980
41 In which year National film awards were established :1954
42 In which year Videsh Sanchar Nigam Limited was established:1986
43 Indian Institute of remote Sensing in Dehra Dun is established with the cooperation of : Netherlands
44 Native land of Diego Maradonna : Argentina
45 Official language of Kerala : Malayalam
46 On 15 August 1946, the leader who exhort to observe‘’Direct Action Day’’ : Muhammad Ali Jinnah
47 On the demise of Chattampi Swamikal, who authored‘’Samadi Saptakam’’: Pandit Karuppan
48 Sree Krishna took training under Sandeepani Maharshi at : Ujjain
49 Sree Narayana Guru conducted conference of all religions in 1924 at : Aluva
50 The first cricket club in Kerala was formed at : Thalassery
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