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1. Which is the past participle of ‘flow’:
(a) flown 
(b) flowed
(c) flowing 
(d) flew

2. Pick out the most effective words from the given words to fill in the blanks: Sunil _____ play foot ball every day.
(a) might 
(b) would
(c) used to
(d) will

3. Would you mind _____ the window?
(b) opening
(c) to open 
(d) for opening

4. Which is incorrect spelling?
(a) Reverent 
(b) Raverent
(c) Reverence 
(d) Reverend

5. A drug used to reduce sadness is _____
(a) re-depressant 
(b) de-depressant
(c) anti-depressant 
(d) pro-depressant

6. The antonym of ‘FACT’ is:
(a) Fixation 
(b) Figure
(c) Fiction 
(d) Fitness

7. No letters _____ by the postman this evening.
(a) have been delivered 
(b) is delivered
(c) has been delivered 
(d) was delivered

8. What _____ an apple fall?
(a) make 
(b) is making
(c) makes 
(d) making

9. True charity does not consist _____ indiscriminate alms giving.
(b) with
(c) on 
(d) of

10. This is the place _____ I lost my bag.
(a) where 
(b) when
(c) which 
(d) who

11. He ____ that India is really great.
(a) opines 
(b) opine
(c) opinion 
(d) opinionate

12. One who is fond of sensuous pleasures:
(b) Epicure
(c) Stoic 
(d) Aesthetic

13. The word opposite in meaning to ‘ABANDON’:
(a) Desert 
(b) Support
(c) Raise 
(d) Keep

14. What is ___ time by your watch?
(a) the 
(b) a
(c) an 
(d) Article not required

15. I ____ locked the door of the house.
(a) ours 
(b) ourselves
(c) myself 
(d) mineself

Answer Key
1 (b) 2(c) 3 (b) 4 (b) 5(c) 6(c) 7(a) 8(c) 9(a) 10(a) 11 (a) 12(b) 13 (d) 14 (a)


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