Assistant Salesman Exam Questions And Answers 2016

Kerala PSC Assistant Salesman Exam Model Questions And Answers  

140.Which European power built Bolghatty Palace?

141.The place in Kerala where rice is cultivated below sea level: 

143.Which beach is the back ground of the novel ‘Chemmeen”? 

144.The headquarters of Idukky district: Painav

145.Power house of Idukky hydel project is situatedat: Moolamattom

146.The village in Idukky district that was ceded to Ernakulam district, which shifted the Idukky district to the second rank in area: Kuttampuzha

147.The island formed after the flood of 1341: Vypin

148.INS Venduruthy is situated at: Kochi

149.In which district is Malayatoor, a holy place for Christians? Ernakulam

150.The Smart City Project is implemented at: Kochi

151.Which temple is related to ‘Makam Thozhal’? Chottanikkara

152.French occupied area in Kerala was: Mahe

153.In which district is Puralimala? Kannur

154.In which district is Parassinikadav Muthappan temple? Kannur

155.The place known as ‘Second Bardoli’: Payyannur

156.Which town is known as ‘Circus town in Kerala’: Thalassery

157.The fort in Kerala built by Sivappa Naik of Bidanur: Bakel

158.The pass that connects Kerala and Kudagu: Perambady

159.The place known as ‘the Cherrapunji of Kerala’: Lakkidi

160.Which European power built the Thalassery fort? British

161.The district of the Union Territory of Puducherry that shares border with Kerala: Mahe

162.Which place was the centre of activities of Herman Gundert? Thalassery

163.In which district is Mappila bay harbour? Kannur

164.The seat of Arakkal kingdom, the only Muslim dynasty in Kerala: Kannur

165.Which district in Kerala has the least number of Taluks? Wayanad

166.The northernmost back water in Kerala: Uppala

167.Which area was called ‘Martha’ by the foreigners?

168.The Palaruvi waterfalls is in the district of: Kollam

169.In which district the tourist spot Perumthenaruvi is situated? Pathanamthitta

170.In which district is Ramakkalmedu, the famous tourist centre? Idukky

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