Currant Affairs Questions and Answers 2015

Currant Affairs Questions and Answers for  Municipal Secretary, Block Panchayat Secretary Exam 2015

1. The names of Mascots for 2016 Rio Olympic games and Paralympics Games are:
Ans: Vinicius and Tom

2. Which state has set up a fenced forested elephant sanctuary?
Ans: Karnataka

3. 'World  Zoonoses Day" observed On:
Ans: July 6

4. Which department of Kerala launched 'Laharivimuktha Keralam Project"?
Ans: Excise

5. Which country ranks first in terms of per capita emission of carbon dioxide?
Ans: Qatar

6. With the assistance of which body the National Cyclone Risk Mitigation Project was launched in India?
Ans: World Bank

7. From which Constituency Sumitra Mahajan was elected to the 16th Lok Sabha?
Ans: Indor (Madhya Pradesh)

8. World's busiest airport for International Traffic:
Ans: Dubai International Airport

9. Who has been appointed as the new chairman of Sangeet Natak Academy?
Ans: Shekhar Sen

10. Mayuresh Pawar of Maharashtra team died on the 2nd day of 36th National Games. He is associated with which sport?
Ans: Netball

11. International Yoga day is celebrated all over the world on:
Ans: June 21

12."Greater than Bradman" a famous book related to the life story of Sachin Tendulkar written by:
Ans: Rudolph Lambest

13. Which state has won the Renji Trophy Cricket Cup in 2015?
Ans: Karnataka

14. How many medals were won by Services Sports Control Board in 36th National Games?
Ans: 159

15. Who authorised "Courage and Conviction" - An Autobiography?
Ans: V K Singh

16. The first state in India to launch a Health Adalat?
Ans: Karnataka

17. India successfully test fired BrahMos Cruise Missile. What is its range? Ans: 290 km

18. The nonprofit organization of Pakistan that got Magsaysay Award in 2014?
Ans: The Citizen's Foundation

19. The first e-governance Municipality in Kerala?
Ans: Tirur

20. Who became the first Indian Cricketer to score a century against Pakistan in the ICC World Cup?
Ans: Virat Kohili

21. In which city the first double decker fly over of India was inaugurated? 
Ans: Mumbai

22. Which university has topped in 'Tunes World's Reputation Rankings 2015?
Ans: Stanford University

23. The union Ministry of water resources has decided to celebrate the year 2015-16 as:
Ans: Jalkranti Varsh

24. Which committee appointed to probe the solar panel scam in Kerala? 
Ans: Sivarajan Commission

25. The Asian city where the first municipal election were held in 60 years in 2014 December?
Ans: Yangon (Myanmar)

26. Which committee recommended new criterion for determining poverty line?
Ans: C Rangarajan Committee

27. Union Ministry for communications and Information Technology released the commemorative postage stamps on the theme of: 
Ans: Swach Bharat Mission

28.To which sports Sebsatian Vettel is related?
Ans: Car Racing

29. Who was elected as General Secretary of Indian Olympic Association in 2014?
Ans: Rajiv Mehta

30. How many sub groups of Chief Minister had been constituted within NITI Aayog?
Ans: 5

31. The political party of Pawan Kumar Chamling who became the chief Minister of Sikkim for the 5th term.
Ans: Sikkim Democratic Front

32. The theme of National Science Day 2016 is:
Ans: Science for Nation Building

33. World's largest and tallest Indian Flag has been unfurled at which place in India?
Ans: Faridabad

34. Surya Kiran is a combined military training exercise between India and_____? 
Ans: Nepal 

35. Who is the author of the Book "India Shastra Refelctions on the Nation In Our Time"?
Ans: Shashi Tharoor

36. The Indira Paryaavaran Bhavan" India's first Net Zero Energy building is located in which city?
Ans: New Delhi

37. The number of seats won by United Progressive Alliance in 2014 General Election?
Ans: 58

38. Who was appointed as the chairman of Kerala Lalith Kala Academy? 
Ans: Prof. Kattoor Narayana Pillai

39. The former Deputy Prime Minister of India who was conferred Padmavibhushan in 2015?
Ans: L K Advani

40. The Hero Indian Open tournament is related to which sports?
Ans: Golf

41. The first Asian Country to Introduce NOTA?
Ans: Bangladesh

42. Which Indian city hosted the first world ocean science congress?
Ans: Kochi

43. Sukanya Samridhi Yojana had been started by Union Government in Janpur district of UttarPradesh under:
Ans: Beti Bachao Beti Padhao

44. Which state has won the 10th National Award for outstanding work in Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act?
Ans: Madhya Pradesh

45. According to latest Tiger census report (2015), which state has recorded highest number of tigers?
Ans: Karnataka

46. The first state in India to 'Observe Child Protection Day?
Ans: Assam

47. The scheme aims to provide training in soft skills to college students? 
Ans: Yes Kerala

48. Which Indian city declared as the first kerosene free city on June 19 2014?
Ans: New Delhi 

49. Who sworn in as the new Chief Minister of Jammu and Kashmir?
Ans: Mufti Mohammed Sayeed

50. The scheme of Govt. of Kerala for children below 18 years of age who are affected by fatal diseases?
Ans: Thalolam

51. Who has been appointed as the Director General of the Sports Authority of India?
Ans: Srinivas

52. What was the theme of International Women's Day 2015?
Ans: Make it happen

53. Zero Discrimination Day is observed on:
Ans: March 1

54. The first Municipality in India to get ISO Certification?
Ans: Malappuram

55. The.Goodwill ambassador of Sukhayatra 2015 Project?
Ans: Mohanlal
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