Kerala PSC Sub Inspector of Police (SI) Previous Question Papers

1. Which country apart from India, celebrates its Independence Day on 15th August?
(a) Pakistan

(b) Sri Lanka 
(c) South Korea 
(d) Nepal

2. In which year was Pondicherry annexed to Independent India?
(a) 1st November 1954 

(b) 1st November 1956
(c) 3rd August 1948 

(d) 15th August 1947

3. The Constitution of India was introduced on:
(a) 26th January 1948 

(b) 26th January 1950
(c) 26th January 1951

 (d) 15th August 1950

4. Who was the young Anglo-Indian poet freedom fighter who was removed from the Hindu College in 1831 for his
(a) T.R. Holmes 

(b) A.O.Hume
(c) Charles Metcalfe 

(d) Henry Derozio

5. What was the name of Akbar’s Hindu wife?
(a) Jodhbai 

(b) Sudhabai 
(c) Lalithabai 
(d) Kiranbai

6. Who was the first woman Governor in Independent India?
(a) Mrs. Padmaja Naidu 

(b) Sucheta Kripalani
(c) Sushila Nayyar 

(d) Mrs. Sarojini Naidu

7. Who was the last Mughal Emperor?
(a) Aurangazeb 

(b) Shihabuddin 
(c) Bahadur Shah 
(d) Muhiyuddin

8. What was the real name of Meera Ben, the follower of Gandhiji?
(a) Jane Slade 

(b) Madeleine Slade 
(c) Anna Barber 
(d) Nicole Freeman

9. Laxmi, Devadas Gandhi’s wife, was the daughter of:
(a) Mahadeva Desai 

(b) Rajagopalachari
(c) Gopalakrishna Gokhale 

(d) Rajendra Prasad

10. When did the mass-massacre at Jalianwala Bagh take place?
(a) 13th April 1919 

(b) 27th April 1919
(c) 5th August 1921 

(d) 8th September 1921

11. Which ruler is associated with the Sanchi Stupa?
(a) Kanishka (b) Vikramaditya
(c) Asoka (d) Harsha Vardhana

12. Who was the first European traveller to reach India via Africa by sea?
(a) Columbus (b) Captain Cook
(c) Ferdinand Megallan (d) Vasco De Gama

13. Who was the first Indian to enter the Indian Civil Service?
(a) Surendra Nath Banerje (b) Rabindra Nath Tagore
(c) Satyendra Nath Tagore (d) Vipinchandra Pal

14. When was ‘Saka’ century started?
(a) From A.D. 78 (b) From A.D. 71 (c) From A.D. 80 (d) From A.D. 87

15. How many Gurus have been there in Jainism?
(a) 17 (b) 21 (c) 39 (d) 24

16. Where did Mohamed Tughlaq shift his capital from Delhi?
(a) Pataliputra (b) Daulatabad (c) Aurangabad (d) Faridabad

17. Who was the founder – father of Brahmo Samaj?
(a) Annie Besant (b) K.M. Munshi
(c) Raja Ram Mohan Rai (d) M.M. Malavya

18. Who was the first Indian to be the member of the British House of Commons?
(a) Dadabhai Naoroji (b) V.K. Krishna Menon
(c) M.M.Malavya (d) B.C. Pal

19. Where is Taxila, the great centre of learning , located?
(a) Afghanistan (b) Pakistan (c) Punjab (d) Haryana

20. Miss Margaret Nobel met an Indian in London and was influenced by him and later became his disciplie. Who was
this Indian?
(a) Rabindranath Tagore (b) Mahatma Gandhi
(c) Dayananda Saraswathi (d) Vivekananda

21. What is the difference between Indian Standard Time and Greenwich Mean Time?
(a) 5½ hours behind (b) 6 hours ahead
(c) 5½hours ahead (d) 5 hours ahead

22. Which is the longest day in India?
(a) June 21 (b) March 22 (c) April 11 (d) December 22

23. Which Indian state is surrounded by a neighbouring country, from three sides?
(a) Punjab (b) Tripura
(c) Himachal Pradesh (d) West Bengal

24. What is the relation between Hectare and Acre?
(a) One Hectare is approximately 2.521 acres
(b) One Hectare is approximately 2.75 acres
(c) One Hectare is approximately 2.17 acres
(d) One Hectare is approximately 2.471 acres

25. On which river is Bhakra Nangal Dam constructed?
(a) On the Sutlej (b) On the Jamuna (c) On the Ganga (d) On the Jhelum

26. Where do we find cities named Delhi and Calcutta apart from India?
(a) Pakistan (b) The U.S.A. (c) Indonesia (d) Bangladesh

27. While travelling from the East to the West and crossing each longitude, how much time is required to be adjusted,
backwards and forwards?
(a) 5 minutes backwards (b) 7 minutes backwards
(c) 4 minutes backwards (d) 2 minutes backwards

28. What is the name of the line which separates India from Pakistan?
(a) Macmohan line (b) Siachin line (c) Kargil line (d) Radcliffe line

29. Which is the second language spoken by the largest number, after Hindi?
(a) Kannada (b) Telugu (c) Tamil (d) Malayalam

30. What are the lines drawn on charts and maps through points of equal temperature known as?
(a) Isotherms (b) Isobars (c) Thermallines (d) Longitudes

31. Is there a stone which can float on water? If yes, name it:
(a) Pumice stone (b) Touchstone
(c) Brim stone (d) There is no such stone

32. Name the novelist who had imagined a journey to the moon, which proved to be a fact soon.
(a) H.G. Wells (b Jules Verne
(c) Aldous Huxley (d) George Orwell

33. Which is the largest flying bird?
(a) Vulture (b) Peacock (c) Ostrich (d) Albatross

34. Who invented Logarithm?
(a) Ramanujan (b) Euclid (c) John Napier (d) Pythagoras

35. What is the commonly used name of dilute acetic acid?
(a) Turpentine (b) Vaseline (c) Vinegar (d) None of these

36. In which liquid can ice be kept without melting?
(a) Potassium permanganate solution (b) Baking soda solution
(c) Ammonium chloride solution (d) Liquid ammonia

37. Which metal melts at normal heat?
(a) Sulphur (b) Mercury (c) Silica (d) None of these

38. Who invented the graph system in Mathematics?
(a) Rene Decartes (b) Bertrand Russel
(c) Einstein (d) Stephen Hawkins

39. At what temperature does gold melt?
(a) 7500F (b) 9000F (c) 18620F (d) 13650F

40. Which is the most used metal?
(a) Aluminium (b) Gold (c) Brass (d) Iron

41. The geographical area of Kerala is –––––% of the geographical area of India.
(a) 2.5 (b) 2.2 (c) 1.18 (d) 1.9

42. How many rivers of Kerala flow eastward?
(a) 3 (b) 2 (c) 1 (d) Nil

43. The first general election after the formation of Kerala State was held in:
(a) Jan. 1956 (b) February 1957 (c) Nov. 1,1950 (d) Jan.1958

44. The first Governor of Kerala State was:
(a) Bhagawan Sahal (b) Padmaja Naidu
(c) R. Shankar (d) Dr. B. Ramakrishna Rao

45. Who wrote ‘Malabar Manual’?
(a) Herman Gundert (b) Max Muller
(c) Edward Brennen (d) Logan

46. The author of ‘Keralam, Malayliyude Mathrubhoomi’ is:
(a) Ilankulam Kunhan Pillai (b) Sreedhara Menon
(c) C. Achutha Menon (d) E.M.S.

47. Who founded the newspaper ‘Swadeshabhimani’?
(a) K.P. Keshava Menon (b) Ramakrishna Pillai
(c) Vakkam Abdul Khader Moulavi (d) Kelappan

48. The first newspaper of Kerala was:
(a) RajyaSamacharam (b) Malayala Manorama
(c) Mathrubhoomi (d) Kaumudi

49. How many constituencies are there in Kerala Assembly?
(a) 140 (b) 144 (c) 141 (d) 143

50. Who wrote under the pen name ‘Soman’ when he was in hiding?
(a) E.M.S. (b) Thoppil Bhasi (c) A.K. Gopalan (d) K. Venu

51. TRIPS concerns:
(a) Trade in services (b) Tariff and Trade
(c) Intellectual property rights (d) Foreign trips

52. Pick the odd man out:
(a) Virendra Sehwag (b) Narain Karthikeyan
(c) Vishwananthan Anand (d) P. Sainath

53. Who is the grand daughter of Thakazhi Shiva Shankara Pillai who has distinguished herself as a novelist in
(a) Anita Nair (b) Jayasree Misra
(c) Meena Alexander (d) Manjula Padmanabhan

54. Joseph Ratziger is …………….. Pontiff.
(a) 265th (b) 264th (c) 266th (d) 267th

55. The word ‘Tsunami’ is a ……………. word.
(a) Chinese (b Indonesia (c) Japanese (d) English

56. What made Terri Shiavo a much talked about person?
(a) Euthanasia (b) Amnesia (c) Insomnia (d) AIDS

57. Who has recently been named the International Goodwill Ambassador of the UNICEF?
(a) Sachin Tendulkar (b) Amitabh Bachchan
(c) Lata Mangeshkar (d) Rahul Dravid

58. 2005 is the centenary year of an invention of a very famous scientist. Who is the scientist?
(a) Albert Einstein (b) Dr. C.V. Raman (c) Rutherford (d) Marconi

59. ‘Gurusagaram’ was written by:
(a) Karunakara Guru (b) Narayana Guru
(c) Sukumar Azhikode (d) O.V. Vijayan

60. As part of the peace initiative between India and Pakistan a bus service was launhed from:
(a) Srinagar to Karachi (b) Srinagar to Rawalpindi
(c) Srinagar to Musafarabad (d) Kargil to Musafarabad

Directions: Q. No. 61 & 62: Fill in the gap selecting the most suitable word:
61. You will ……….. your new duties tomorrow.
(a) Presume (b) resume (c) assume (d) consume

62. Mr. Basu soon ………….. himself as a great parliamentarian.
(a) relinquished (b) distinguished (c) expunged (d) extinguished

63. Which is the correctly spelt word?
(a) Beneficial (b) Benificial (c) Benefitial (d) Benefitial

64. ‘Decease’ is the synonym for:
(a) Illness (b) Unfree (c) Interval (d) Death

Directions: Q.No. 65 & 66: In which part of the sentence is the error?
a b c d
65. He has / had to spend / good deal of money / on medicines
a b c d

66. The sun was shining / when I left home, / so the sudden shower / caught me unaware.
Directions: Q.No. 67 & 68 : Fill in the blank with the correct tense.

67. I ………….. for him for the last one hour.
(a) have been waiting (b) am waiting (c) waited (d) was waiting

68. I ……………… Delhi last year.
(a) had visited (b) visited (c) have visited (d) was visited

Direction: Q.No. 69 & 70 : Complete the sentences:
69. If you came to me:
(a) I would help you (b) will help you
(c) had helped you (d) would have helped you

70. If I had gone for the interview:
(a) I would get the job (b) I would have got the job
(c) I will get the job (d) I will have got the job

71. The reported speech of: He asked, ‘What is the time?’ is:
(a) He asked what the time was (b) He asked what is the time
(c) He asked what the time is (d) He asked what was the time

72. The passive voice of ‘Close the door’ is:
(a) Let the door close .
(b) Let the door be closed.
(c) Let the door closed. (d) Let the door is closed.

73. The polite form is:
(a) May you come to my house? (b) Will you come to my house?
(c) Would you come to my house? (d) Can you come to my house?

74. The figure of speech in which pleasant terms are used to describe an unpleasant fact is:
(a) Euphuism (b) Somnambulism (c) Pun (d) Euphemism

75. ‘She is a handful’ means:
(a) She is very small (b) She is very smart
(c) She is a difficult person (d) She is an important person

76. ‘She is in the family way’ means:
(a) She is getting married (b) She loves her family
(c) She is in search of her family (d) She is pregnant

Directions: Q. No. 77 & 78. Fill in the gap with the correct preposition:
77. Butter is made …………. milk.
(a) of (b) from (c) with (d) by

78. This letter is written ……… green ink.
(a) with (b) by (c) on (d) in

Directions : Q.No. 79 & 80 : Fill in the blank with the correct word.
79. I am going to buy some …………. for my father’s office.

(a) Stationary (b) Stationery (c) Stationery (d) Stationory

80. The monthly……………… of the peon of our office is Rs. 2,000.
(a) Pay (b) Salary (c) Wages (d) Remuneration

81. A man and a woman are walking hand in hand. The man’s mother-in-law is the mother of the woman’s mother- in – law. How are they related to each other?
(a) Father – in-law and daughter-in-law (b) Father and daughter
(c) Uncle and niece (d) Not related

82. The time taken for drying one shirt is one hour. What is the time required to dry 10 such shirts under the same condition of temperature and pressure?
(a) 10 hours (b) 9 hours (c) 11 hours (d) 1hours

83. A man who claimed to have come across a silver coin with the inscription 50 B.C. wrote to the archeology department. But the department did not care to answer him. Why?
(a) They did not have fund. (b) They knew it was fake coin.
(c) They were not interested in coins. (d) The man was not an Indian.

84. How many days are there between 25-2-2004 and 9 – 3-2004?
(a) 11 (b) 13 (c) 12 (d) 14

85. The next number in the series 6, 13, 21, 30, –––– is.
(a) 39 (b) 41 (c) 40 (d) 42

86. The total of 7.9 and 8.09 and 3.01 is:
(a) 18.991 (b) 19.01 (c) 19 (d) 18.10

87. A book costs three times a pen in rupees. The two digits of the total price when added will be. What is the price of the pen?
(a) 8 rupees (b) 9 rupees (c) 5 rupees (d) 2 rupees

88. In a box, there are 10 white socks and 16 black socks. What is the minimum number of socks that a blindfolded man should take out to get one pair?
(a) 5 (b) 3 (c) 2 (d) 4

89. 10 goats jump over a fence one after the other in 10 minutes. Then how many goats will jump over the same fence at the same rate in one hour?
(a) 60 (b) 54 (c) 55 (d) 61

90. My age was three times the age of my son ten years ago. If my son’s age is 23 years now, what is my age?
(a) 49 (b) 39 (c) 69 (d) 59

91. The next number in the series 2, 6, 24, 120, …. is:
(a) 240 (b) 480 (c) 600 (d) 720

92. There are 50 students in a class. If the rank of a student from top is 11, what is his rank from below?
(a) 39 (b) 40 (c) 41 (d) 38


94. Address of the four members living in the same house are given here. Which one is faulty?
(a) K. Madhu (b) M. Geetha
VII/212 Ambedkar VII/ 212 Ambedkar Colony
M.G. Road, Mangalore M.G. Road, Mangalore
(c) M.G. Arun (d) M.G. Amisha
VII/ 212 Amedkar Colony VI/212 Ambedkar Colony
M.G. Road, Mangalore M.G. Road, Mangalore

95. If HEAD is 8514 what is TAIL?
(a) 19113 (b) 201912 (c) 212813 (d) 201812

96. Which is the wrongly spelt word?

97. Pick the odd man out:
(a) V.P. Singh (b) Milka Singh (c) Arjun Singh (d) Natwar Singh

98. A car driver decided to drive his car at a speed of 60km/hr in the hope of covering a distance of 30km in 30 minutes. But half way through he found that his speed was only 30 km/hour. What should be his speed in the second half
of his journey if he has to complete his journey at an average speed of 60km/hour?
(a) Journey impossible (b) 55 km/hour
(c) 45km/hour (d) None of the above

99. 1/2 + 1/16 + 1/4 + 1/8 =?
(a) 15/16 (b) 4/30
(c) 2/15 (d) 1/30

100. If 1/4 of 1/4 is subtracted from 1/2 of 1/2, the result is:
(a) 3/8 (b) 1/16
(c) 3/16 (d) 1/4

1. (c) 2. (a) 3. (b) 4. (d) 5. (a)
6. (d) 7. (c) 8. (b) 9. (b) 10. (a)
11. (c) 12. (d) 13. (c) 14. (a) 15. (d)
16. (b) 17. (c) 18. (a) 19. (b) 20. (d)
21. (c) 22. (a) 23. (b) 24. (d) 25. (a)
26. (b) 27. (c) 28. (d) 29. (b) 30. (a)
31. (a) 32. (b) 33. (d) 34. (c) 35. (c)
36. (d) 37. (b) 38. (a) 39. (c) 40. (d)
41. (c) 42. (a) 43. (b) 44. (d) 45. (d)
46. (d) 47. (c) 48. (a) 49. (a) 50. (a)
51. (c) 52. (d) 53. (b) 54. (a) 55. (c)
56. (a) 57. (b) 58. (a) 59. (d) 60. (c)
61. (b) 62. (b) 63. (a) 64. (d) 65. (a)
66. (a) 67. (a) 68. (b) 69. (a) 70. (b)
71. (a) 72. (b) 73 (d) 74. (d) 75. (c)
76. (d) 77. (b) 78. (d) 79. (c) 80. (a)
81. (a) 82. (d) 83. (b) 84. (c) 85. (c)
86. (c) 87. (a) 88. (b) 89. (c) 90. (a)
91. (d) 92. (b) 93. (c) 94. (d) 95. (b)
96. (a) 97. (b) 98. (a) 99. (a) 100. (c)
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