Secretary, Grama Panchayath Solved Question Paper

Secretary, Grama Panchayath 
 Previous year Question Paper 2008

1. The European country which first started trade with India was?

2. The Science of improving crop varieties is called ?
Ans: Plant-breeding

3. Green Revolution refers to
Ans: Development of new crop varieties which helped to overcome hunger

4. Inland Fisheries is referred to:
Ans: Culturing fish in fresh water

5. High milk yielding varieties of cows are obtained by:
Ans: Artificial insemination

6. A crocodile had just eaten a lamb when a hawk saw the crocodile, attacked it and consumed it. The hawk is in ecological terms:
Ans: a tertiary consumer

7. Which of the following is a non-renewable resource?
(a) Water (b) Coal (c) Fisheries (d) Wild Life
Ans: Coal

8. Pollution is an undesirable change in physical, chemical and biological properties of:
(a)Air (b) Water (c) Soil (d) All of the above

Ans: All of the above

9. In free market economy, prices are determined by the?
Ans: Market forces

10. India’s National Newspaper” The Hindu” started since:
Ans: 1878

11. Which country has the longest school year in the world?
Ans: China

12. Puducherry is a former-----------colony?
Ans: French

13.“The True Democracy is what promotes the welfare of the society.” who said it?
Ans: Mahatma Gandhi

14.The Consumer Rights were first enumerated in the year 1962 in?
Ans: U.S.A.

Ans: Inter-Tropical Convergence

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Secretary, Grama Panchayath Solved Question Paper
<center>Secretary, Grama Panchayath Solved Question Paper</center>
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