Kerala PSCfrequently Asked Computer Related Questions

Computer - General Knowledge

1.Pentium series of microprocessors were introduced by

2. WWW stands for:
Ans:World Wide Web

3. Anything that comes out of a computer:

4. Computer processing speed is measured in terms

5. Software that runs on computers and manages the computer hardware is called:
Ans:Operating System

6. Which is the short key used to view the slide show in power point?

7. The term DSL stands for:
Ans:Digital Subcriber Line

8. The bar in which it displays the name of the currently active document is:
Ans:Title Bar

9. VDU is an old term for_______?

10. How many windows can be active at a time?

11. Which of the following is NOT an early computer?

12 ISP means:
Ans:Internet Servvice Provider

13. In computer Terminology ,what does I/O stands for?

14. ....... is generally regarded as the first microprocessor?
Ans:Intel 4004

15. The Feature avilable in word processor to type data in rows and coloumns from is:
Kerala PSCfrequently Asked Computer Related Questions
<center>Kerala PSCfrequently Asked Computer Related Questions</center>
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