Kerala PSC Freequently Asked Questions

Kerala PSC Questions and Answers _ General Knowlegde

1.The first Malayali nominated to the Rajyasabha
Ans – Sardar K M Panicker

2.Taxila was a famous site of
Ans:Gandhara art

3. Aryabhatta born on
Ans:5th century A.D

4.The biggest Public Sector Bank in India is the:
State Bank of India

5 UN Emerged in the year_?
Ans 1945 October 24

6 : The gas combines with rain water and causes acid rain [ PSC KSRTC Reserve Conductor 2008 
Answer: Sulphur dioxide

7 : The disorder somanambulism is commonly known as [ PSC KSRTC Reserve Conductor 2008 ]
 Answer: sleep walking

8. The period in which Vardhamana Mahaveera was lived
Ans – BC 540 – 467

9. The metal with less reactivity with atmosphere
Ans – Tin

10. The irrigation project named Meenkara is in the district
Ans – Paalakkad

11. Who, amongst the following after marriage, became known as Nur Jahan, wife of Emperor Jahangir Ans:Mehr-un-Nisa
12.Paralysis is caused by disorders connected with:

13 : Perumon tragedy is related with 
Answer: Asthamudi lake

14 : Harijan Asram founded by Gandhiji at 
Answer: Sabarmati

15 : Galapagos islands are linked with 
Answer: Studies on evolution
16 : First hydroelectric project started in the year [ PSC Reserve Conductor 2008
Answer: 1940
17. The river flowing through the border of Silent Valley
Ans – Kundi river
18. The place were the war in Mahabharatha held is
Ans -Kurukshethra

19. Biggest river of south India
Ans – Godavari

20. The birth place of K R Narayan, former president of India
 Ans – Uzhavoor of Kottayam

21 Which are the official languages of UN
Ans – Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Russian, Spanish

 22) Who has coined the name United Nations first time
Ans – Franklin D Roosevelt

23 First Secretary General of UN
 Ans – Trygve Lie of Norway -

24. The country known as gift of Nile
Ans – Egypt

25. Where did Gouthama Budha born
Ans – Lumbini of Kapilavasthu
Kerala PSC Freequently Asked Questions
<center>Kerala PSC Freequently Asked Questions</center>
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