Kerala PSC Exam Questions - Indian Constitution

Planning Commission

1. Janata Government introduced the concept of ......... in 1978?
Ans:Rolling Plan

2. The first Deputy chairman of planning commission was...........?
Ans:G.L. Mehta

3. ........... is the head quarters of planning commission
Ans:Yojana Bhavan

4. Who is named as the father of ''Indian Planning''?
Ans:M. Visweswarayya

5. Which Authority gives final approval to plan in India?
Ans:National Development council

6. What is the idea of "Peoples plan"?
Ans:Nationalisation of all agricultural production and distribution

7. The period of Eleventh Five Year plan?

8. The period of Tenth plan?

9. Who is the chairman of National Development Council of India?
Ans:The Prime minister of India

10. Who initiated peoples plan?
Ans:M.N. Roy

11. The National Development Council was set up in which year?
Ans:August 6, 1952

12. Who is the Deputy Chairman of Planning Commission of India?
Ans:Montek Singh Aluwalia

13. According to 39th article of constitution, the planning commission was only a..............body?

14. Who wrote the book "planned Economy of India" ?
Ans:M. Visweswarayya

15. M. Visweswarayya was honoured by BharatRatna in the year?
Kerala PSC Exam Questions - Indian Constitution
<center>Kerala PSC Exam Questions - Indian Constitution </center>
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