Junior Assistant (KSIE) Previous Year Question Paper

 Kerala PSC
 Solved Question Paper of Junior Assistant(KSIE)

1.Dada Sahib Phalke award winner of year 2000 is :
(A) Aiswarya Rai 

(B) Asha Bhonsle
(C) Arunthathi Roy 

(D) Shabana Azmi 
(E) None of them.

2. Government policy regarding taxation is :
(A) Fiscal policy 

(B) Budgetary policy
(C) Economic policy 

(D) Expenditure policy
(E) None of these.

3. The doctrine of “Panchaseela” was first advocated by :
(A) India and Myanmar 

(B) India and Indonesia
(C) India and China 

(D) India and USA
(E) India and Pakistan

4. International Olympic Committee was formed in the year: .
(A) 1845 

(B) 1875 
(C) 1890 
(D) 1894
(E) 1895

5. The biggest Mosque in India was built by :
(A) Shajahan 

(B) Aurangzeb 
(C) Akbar 
(D) Humayun
(E) None of these

6. Right to property is a
(A) Legal right 

(B) Social right 
(C) Fundamental right
(D) Directive principle 

(E) None of these

7. India’s first Nobel Prize was for:
(A) Physics 

(B) Chemistry 
(C) Medicine 
(D) Literature
(E) None of these

8. Which of the following State had a massive earthquake in the year 2001?
(A) Gujarat 

(B) Maharashtra 
(C) Bihar 
(D) Kerala
(E) Karnataka

9. Minimum age limit for becoming a member of the Rajya Sabha is :
(A) 21 years 

(B) 25 years 
(C) 30 years 
(D) 35 years
(E) 40 years

10. Before independence Ukraine was part of:
(A) USA 

(C) Britain 
(D) China
(E) None of these

11. Petroleum prices are determined by:
(A) IMF 

(D) Petroleum ministry 

(E) None of these

12. Who was the first Indian woman to scale Mount Everest?
(A) Malleswari 

(B) P. T. Usha 
(C) Ang Dorjee 
(D) Bachendri Pal
(E) Phoolan Devi

13. Total number of members in the Indian Parliament is :
(A) 543 

(B) 643. 
(C) 793 
(D) 800
(E) 805

14. The main source of a Nation’s strength is :
(A) Human strength 

(B) Minerals 
(C) Forests
(D) Rivers 

(E) None of these

15. Konkan railway does not pass through:
(A) Maharashtra
(B) Goa 

(C) Kerala 
(D) Karnataka 
(E) None of these

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Junior Assistant (KSIE) Previous Year Question Paper
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