LDC Questions and Answers 2013 - 2014

LDC Expected Questions 2013 - 2014

1. Who is the present Chief Justice of Orissa high court?
Answer. Chokalingam Nagappan

2. Name the personalities who have launched global sim card ‘Jaxtr SIM’ for international travelers:
Answer. Sabeer Bhatia and Yogesh Patel

3. When is the First International Happiness Day celebrated?
Answer. 20th March 2013

4. Who is chosen for Saraswati Samman award 2013?
Answer. Sugathakumari

5. Which Indian state made Malayalam must for its government jobs?
Answer. Kerala

6. Who is named as world’s richest footballer with a net worth of $260 Million?
Answer. David Beckham

7. Where in China 48 metre high Buddha statue was built?
Answer. Xingzi County of Jiujiang City

8. Who was named ‘Sportsperson of the year’ by Tata Steel for her achievements on the occasion of 174th birth anniversary of Jamsetji Nusserwanji Tata?
Answer. Deepika Kumari

9. Who won the inaugural Physics Journalism Prize sponsored by the Institute of Physics and Science and Technology Facilities Council?
Answer. Anil Ananthaswamy

10. Who was sworn in as Kenya’s 4th president?
Answer. Uhuru Muigai Kenyatta

11.Which team won the Vijay Hazare trophy 2013?
Answer. Delhi

12. Name the Venezuelan President who died recently?
Answer. Hugo Chavez

13. Who won the Celebrity Cricket League 2013?
Answer. Karnataka Bulldozers

14. Who won the WGC Cadillac Championship 2013?
Answer. Tiger Woods

15. Who is sworn in as the new governor of Bihar?
Answer. DY Patil

16. Who is sworn in as the new governor of Tripura?
Answer. Devanand Konwar

17. Who is sworn in as the new governor of Kerala?
Answer. Nikhil Kumar

18. Who is sworn in as the new governor of Odisha?
Answer. SC Jamir

19. Who is sworn in as the new governor of Nagaland?
Answer. Ashwani Kumar, He was the former Director of the CBI.

20. Who won the 2013 Malaysian Grand Prix?
Answer. Sebastian Vettel

21. Which are the two elements that added to the Periodic Table recently?
Answer. Flerovium and Livermorium

22. Who was crowned the Femina Miss India World 2013?
Answer. Navneet Kaur Dhilon

23. Who won the Miss India International 2013?
Answer. Zoya Arfoz

24. Who is the Chairman of National Innovation Council in India?
Answer. Sam Pitroda

LDC Questions and Answers 2013 - 2014
<center>LDC Questions and Answers 2013 - 2014 </center>
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