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1.When was the Magna Carta signed by King John of England

Answer :1215

2.The concept of welfare state is included in the Constitution of India in:
    [B]Fundamental Rights
    [C]Fourth Schedule
    [D]Directive principle of state policy

Answer :Directive principle of state policy

3. Who among the following is associated with the invention of computer?
    [C]Mac Millan
    [D]None of these

Answer :Babbage

4.Where are tanks manufactured in India?

Answer :Avadi

5.Name the State in which Hirakud is located?
    [D]Uttar Pradesh

Answer :Orissa

6.Which one is not a fundamental right in the Constitution of India?
    [A]Right to Liberty
    [B]Right to Equality
    [C]Right to Property
    [D]Right against Exploitation

Answer :Right to Property
7. A fleet of .......... (KSRTC Reserve Conductor exam 2008)
    (a) geese
Answer :Ships

8. John _________ the newspaper yesterday (use the appropriate verb form): (assistant-salesman-feb-2011-tvm-pta-mpm-ekm)

    (a) reads
    (b)was reading
    (d)has read
Answer :Read

9. Which of the following word is wrongly spelt? (KSRTC Reserve Conductor exam 2008)
  (a) formaly
Answer :formaly ‍

10. Do not cry ........... split milk. (Village Extension Officer 2005 Solved Paper)

   (a) over

Answer :Over

11. ________ your breakfast already? (Fireman Trainee Fire and Rescue Services solved paper 3-2010)

   a. Have you had
   b.Had you
   c.Do you have
   d.Has had
Answer :Have you had

 12. Who wrote the famous book “India Wins Freedom” (Fireman Trainee Fire and Rescue Services solved paper 3-2010)

   b.Jawaharlal Nehru
   c. Dr. Rajendra Prasad
   d. Moulana Abdul Kalam Azad
Answer :Moulana Abdul Kalam Azad

13. Rorschach Inkblot Test is used to access: (Sub inspector of police 2010 solved paper)

    d.Blood cancer
Answer :Personality

14. 'The Interpretation of Dreams' is written by : (Secretariat Assistant Exam Preliminary 2004 solved paper)
   a. Eric Erikson
   b.Sigmund Freud
Answer :Sigmund Freud ‍

15. Which is the wild life Sanctuary in Kerala (ldc-beverages-2010)
  a.  malabar
  b. Periyar
  c. Eravikulam
  d.Silent Valley
Answer :Periyar

16. Large Hydrone Collider is related to: (assistant-salesman-Dec-2011-KLM-KTM-TSR-KKD-KGD)
  a.Origin of Universe
  b.Origin of Continents
  c.Global Warming

Ans :Origin of Universe
Kerala PSC frequently asked General Knowledge Questions
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