General Knowlege Questions for PSC Examination

1.Who was the founder of Pakistan ?

 A. Muhammad Ali Jinnah    B. Khan Abdul Ghaffar Khan

 C. Ashfaqulla khan                 D. Fazlul Huq

2.India’s which forest area has been added to list of world heritage sites by the  United Nations Organization?

 A. Eastern Ghats                    B. Western Ghats

 C. Ghats of Varanasi               D. Deccan Ghats

3.Name the first Indian cricketer who was nominated to Rajya Sabha?

A. Kabil Dev                            B. Ravi Sasthri

C. Sachin Tendulkar                 D. Gavaskar

4.Whose Auto Biography is called ‘Prisoner 5990’ ?

A. R. Balakrishna Pillai      B. Sukumar Azheekode

C. E.K. Nayanar                D. Valsalakumari

5. Which country did India beat to qualify for London Olympics men’s hockey 2012?

A. France                          B. Germany

C. Pakistan                       D. China

6. Name the former president of Italy who died 2012?.

A. Francesco Cossiga        B. Oscar Luigi Scalfaro

C. Sandro Pertini              D. Antonio Segni

7. Who authored Aunt Julia and the Scriptwriter?

A. Anne Rice                     B. Jonathan Swift

C. Karl May                       D. Mario Vargas

8. Which famous port of South India gives evidence of Indo-Roman trade?

A. Alambarai                     B. Mylapore

C. Arekamedu                   D. Dhamra

9. The second largest country in the world is:

A. Canada                         B. India

C. Saudi Arabia                 D. Kazakistan

10. Which application of Microsoft was unveiled with cloud option?

A. MS Office 2010              B. MS Office 2009

C. MS Office 2013              D. MS Office 2011

11. Who is the President of Mexico ?

A. Entwick Pena Neto         B. Serzh Sargsyan

C. Heinz Fischer                 D. Yayi Boni

12. Name the digital music store launched by

A. Napster                          B. eMusic

C. Tesco Digital                  D. Flyte

13. Name the former secretary general of Basketball Federation of India?.

A.   Mohd Seraj Ansari         B. Harish Sharma

C. M.L. Jadem                     D. Dr. Vijai Sinha

14. Malic acid contains in?.

  A. Apple                                B. Orange

  C. Pappaya                            D. Beans

15. Who wrote Ramayana?

 A.  Veda Vyasa                       B. Valmiki

 C. Kalidasa                            D. Kaudilya

16. Which of the following countries is not a member of South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation (SAARC)?

A.China                                B. India

C. Nepal                               D. Bangladesh

17. World Polio day?.

A. October 24                       B. December 23

C. March 12                         D. April 2

18. Neurons were seen in:

A. Heart                                B. Mussels

C. Brain                                D. Kidney

19. Capital of Belgium?.

A. Brussels                           B. Belmopan

C. Porto-Novo                       D. Thimphu

20. Ancient name of Japan:

A. Benadir                            B. Gold Coast

C. Nippon                             D. Ruanda

1. A.      2. B.      3. C.       4. A.       5. A.       6. B.
 7. D.      8. C.      9. A.     10. C.     11. A.     12. D.
13. B.    14. A.    15. B.     16. A.     17. A.     18. C.
19. A.    20. C.
General Knowlege Questions for PSC Examination
<center>General Knowlege Questions for PSC Examination</center>
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