PSC Question - Computer General Knowledge

LDC Exam Coaching 2013 - 2014

1.‘Yahoo’ is the term coined by
(a)Tim Cook
 b) Paul Allen
 c) Jerry yang 
 d) Jonathan Swift

2.The latest version of Android
 (a) Jelly Bean
 (b) Ice cream sandwich 
 (c) Honey Comb
 (d) Ginger Bread

3.Jimbo is the pet name of
(a)Jimmy wales
 (b) Larry Sanger
 (c) Bill Gates
 (d) Paul Allen

4.Apple C.E.O
(a)Tim Cook 
(b) Jack Kilby
(c) Robert Noyce
(d) Steve Ballmer

5. The motto ‘ Wisdom of mass principle’ associated to
 (a) Wikileaks
 (b)Wiki pedia
 (c) Google
 (d) Apple

6.Which award is known as ‘ Nobel Prize’ in Computer Science
 (a)Webby Award 
 (b)Turing Award
 (c) Love lace medal
 (d) Stevens Award

7. Who wrote the books  ‘ The Road Ahead ‘ and Business @ the speed of thought
(a)Bill Gates
(b) Steve Jobs
(c) Larry page
(d) Charles Babbage

8. Gorden Moore is the founder of
 b) Apple
 c) Microsoft
 d) Google

9.Edward Roberts gave which famous IT term
 (a) PC
 (b) Booting
 (c) Mouse
 (d) Keyboard

10.The terms SaaS and PaaS related to
(a)Super Computer
 (b) Grid Computing
 (c) Cloud Computing
 (d) Mainframe computer

PSC Question - Computer General Knowledge
<center>  PSC Question  - Computer General Knowledge  </center>
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