1.Who won the Vylar Award for 2012:
   (a)Mahakavi Akkitham           (b)O.N.V Kurup
   (c)Sugathakumari                  (d)Sachithanandam

2.Which state in India has the low density of population as per the census of 2011?
   (a)Jammu and Kashmir            (b)Mizoram
   (c)Arunachal Pradesh              (c)Sikkim

3.Which of the following revolution is known as Mother of revolution?
   (a)Chinese revolution               (b)French revolution
   (c)Russian revolution               (d)American revolution

4.Who is the chairman of the planning commission?
   (a)President                (b)Prime Minister
   (c)An elected person   (d)Finance Minister

5.Name of the vehicle launched to MARS recently:
   (a)Quriosity    (b)Chandrayan
   (c)Path finder  (d)Appolo

6.The Father of Economics:
   (a)Joseph Schumpeter             (b)K.M Keynes
   (c)Adam Smith                       (d)Robert Thomas Malthus

7.Right to education become a fundamental right. Which constitutional amendment related to:
   (a)35th           (b)26th
   (c)94th           (d)86th

8.The reason for night blindness:
   (a)Deficiency of Vitamin C        (b)Deficiency of Vitamin D
   (c)Deficiency of Vitamin A        (d)Deficiency of Vitamin E

9.Who won the Nobel prize for peace for the year 2012?
   (a)Ellen Johnson         (b)European Union
   (c)Tawakkul Kar          (d)Liuxiaobo

10.Barren Island is the only volcano in India.It is in:
    (a)Andaman Nicobar Island     (b)Lakshadweep
    (c)Paradeep                           (d)Gulf of Mannar 

11.Who is the chairperson of National Human Rights Commission?
    (a)K.G Balakrishnan               (b)Mamta sharma
    (c)Govind prasad Muthur         (d)Wajahat Habibullah

12.Project Elephant Plan was started in:
    (a)1992         (b)1997
    (c)1990         (d)1993

13.Which metal burns in water?
     (a)Potassium            (b)Sodium
     (c)Magnesium           (d0Sink

14.Radio waves are passes through the Ionosphere.Ionosphere is a part of:
     (a)Troposphere          (b)Missosphere
     (c)Startosphere         (d)Thermosphere

15.Number of players on each side in Base Ball:
     (a)6  (b)5  (c)9  (d)7

16.Which of the following term is related to chess?
     (a)Cue          (b)Rubber
     (c)Scissor    (d)Bishop

17.Charaka Samhita is a work on:
     (a)Polities                 (b)Medicine
     (c)Philosophy           (d)Vedas

18.Hardness of water is due to the presence of:
     (a)Chlorides of Ca and Mg                  (b)Carbonates of Ca and MG
     (c)Bicarbonates of Ca and Mg            (d)Bicarbonates of Ba and Ca

19.Which of the following is known as Growth Hormone?
     (a)Thyroxine             (b)Cortisol
     (c)Adrinaline             (d)Somatotropin

20.The study of fossils is known as:
     (a)Numismatics        (b)Philetely
     (c)Palaentology         (d)Epigraphy

21.You are given four Bulbs of 25w 40w 60w 100w .Which of them has lowest resistance:
     (a)25w          (b)40w
     (c)60w          (d)100w

22.Which country celebrates christumas on summer holidays?
     (a)Switzerland           (b)Denmark
     (c)Australia               (d)England

23.Which scientific instrument used to measure the density of liquids?
     (a)Hydrometer           (b)Hygrometer
     (c)Manometer           (d)Micrometer

24.Which ruler is associated with the temple entry proclamation of November 1936?
     (a)Udaya Martanda Varma     (b)Sree Chithira Thirunal Balarama Varma
     (c)Anizham Thirunal              (d)Rani Gowri Lakshmi Bai

25.Which citys nick name is Abode of God?
     (a)Varnasi                (b)Prayag
     (c)Lucknow               (d)Meerut  

26.The present Secretary General of UNO:
     (a)Kofi A.Annan        (b)Boutros Boutros Ghali
     (c)Ban Ki Moon         (d)Javier perez de cuellar

27.The last ruler of Mughal Dynasty:
     (a)Bahadur Shah Safar          (b)Akbar Shah 2
     (c)Shah Alam 2                     (d)Shahjahan 3

28.Which country other than India got Independence on 15th August?
     (a)Pakistan               (b)South Korea
     (c)Chad                    (d)Keniya

29.Direct democrazy is prevalent in:
     (a)Nepal                   (b)Ethiopia
     (c)Switzerland           (d)Egypt

30.Which Mathematician is known as The Indian Euclid?
     (a)Ramanujan           (b)Aryabhatta
     (c)Bhaskaracharya    (d)Kaprekar

31.King of chemicals:
    (a)Nitric Acid             (b)Carbonic Acid
    (c)Sulfuric Acid          (d)Hydro Chloric Acid

32.ASEAN Summit 2012 was held at:
    (a)Singapore              (b)Kulalumpur
    (c)Honai                    (d)Angkor-Wat

33.Terrorist Ajmal Kasab was Hanged at:
    (a)Yerwada jaill          (b)Tihar jail
    (c)Vadodara jail          (d)Sakchi jail

34.Which year is celebrated as the international year of mathematics?
    (a)2000         (b)1997
    (c)1887         (d)2012

35.Union Home Minister is:
    (a)Sushil Kumar Shinde          (b)A.K.Antony
    (c)Harish Rawat                     (d)M.M.Pallam Raju

36.Who is the current chairperson of Kerala Womens Commission?
    (a)Mrs.K.C.Rosakutty             (b)Justice Sreedevi
    (c)Manjula C                          (d)Smt.Mamta Sharma

37.The present President of Kerala Sahithya Academy:
    (a)M.Mukundan          (b)P.Valsala
    (c)M.T.Vasudevan      (d)Sree Perumpadavam Sreedharan

38.Who was the Director of the Film Indian Ruppee?
    (a)T.V.Chandran         (b)Shaji Kailas
    (c)Jayaraj                  (d)Renjith

39.The man who led Islamic Renaissance in Kerala:
    (a)Mohammed Abdu               (b)Sanaullah Maqthi Thangal
    (c)Rasheed Riza                    (d)Vakkom Maulavi

40.The goal of the 11th fiveyear plan:
    (a)Eradication of poverty         (b)Increase Agriculture production
    (c)100% Urban Sanitation       (d)Increase Employement Opportunities

41.NASA discovered the smallest planet is:
    (a)Mercury                 (b)Neptune
    (c)Kepler 10B                        (d)Uranus

42.Who is the father of white revolution?
    (a)Amrite Patel          (b)M.S.Swaminathan
    (c)Prof.G.S.Ballal       (d)Dr.Vargheese kurian

43.Hortus Malabaricus  was written by
     (a)Steven vander Hagen         (b)Hendrik Van Rheede
     (c)Ranga Bhat                      (d)Itti Achuden

44.Which of the following is the best material for connecting wires?
    (a)Tungsten               (b)Manganese
    (c)Constantan            (d)Copper

45.World Diabetic day is on
     (a)Nov 17      (b)Nov 14
     (c)Nov 10      (d)Nov 15

46.Who founded 'Sadhu Jana Paripalana Sangham' 1n 1906?
     (a)Ayyankali             (b)Sree narayana guru
     (c)Veghbatanda        (d)Chatambi Swamikal

47.First Forest Academy of kerala will start at
    (a)Attapadi    (b)Arippa
    (c)Vazhani     (d)Wynad

48.Which river of kerala flows to east?

49.Euro-cup football winner of 2012

50.Which element help for the synthesis of chlorophyll in plants?

51.The default orientation in MS Word
     (d)None of above

52.The key combination to go to the end of document

53.The option used to save an existing document in a different folder
     (a)Save        (b)Find
     (c)Replace    (d)Save as

54.Placement of text going past the right margin to the next line is called
     (a)Word Wrap
     (c)Gutter Margin

55.Cut of copied items are temporarily stored in
     (a)Clip art                 (b)Clipboard
     (c)Recycle bin          (d)Sub folders

56.The feature that helps to find synonym list
     (a)Template              (b)Wizard         
     (c)Thesaurus             d)Synonyms

57.A large dropped initial capital is known as
     (a)Word wrap            (b)Drop cap
     (c)Word Art              (d)None of above

58........ is the gallery of picture
     (a)Auto shapes         (b)Text Box
     (c)Pictures               (d)Clip art

59.A security measure used to restrict access to computer systems
     (a)Antivirus   (b)Password
     (c)Virus        (d)Wizard

60.File extension of a word document
     (a).xls          (b).bmp
     (c).word        (d).doc

61.find the odd one
     (a)shift key   (b)Enter key
     (c)Tab key    (d)Alphabet key

62.ctrl+z is a short cut key for
     (a)Zoom       (b)Undo
     (c)Redo        (d)Save

63.While entering text with word which key marks the end of a paragraph.
     (a)Backspace key     (b)Tab key
     (c)shift key               (d)Enter key

64.Process of arranging data in a sequential order is called
     (a)Data Processing
     (b)Data Sorting
     (d)Data Arranging

65.The command used to reverse the last undo action performwed in a document
     (a)Redo        (b)Undo
     (c)cut           (d)Delete

66.The symbols placed before items in a list to high light them
     (a)Headers   (b)Footers
     (c)Indents     (d)Bullets

67.Text effect that raises the selected text above the base line and reduces it to a smaller font size
     (a)Drop cap              (b)Subscript
     (c)Superscript           (d)None of the above

68.Which is the default allignment used by word?
     (a)Right        (b)Centre
     (c)Left          (d)Justify

69.The feature to detect and correct misspelled words ,grammatical errors etc
     (a)Spelling and Grammer
     (c)Change style
     (d)Smart art

70.The option for previewing a document prior to being printed
     (b)Zoom in
     (c)Print preview

71.The text lay out with in a paragraph with respect to document margins is known as
     (a)Text Left
     (b)Text style
     (c)Text box
     (d)Data Left

72.The keys which invoke programs stored in a computer
     (a)Alphabetic keys
     (b)Special keys
     (c)Number keys
     (d)Function keys

73.The option used to bring back deleted files from recycle bin
     (a)call back  (b)Return
     (c)Restore    (d)Bring back

74.The location in which we can store files
     (a)Folder      (b)Icons
     (c)Table        (d)None of the above

75.The feature that allows us to combine main document with data source
     (a)Chart        (b)Mail merge
     (c)Table        (d)Auto format

76.The options used for combining two or more adjascent cells in a table
     (a)Combine cells
     (b)allign cells
     (c)Split cells
     (d)Merge cells

77......... is the graphical representation of data

78.It helps to arrange data in rows and columns
     (d)None of the above

79.The quick way to hide/show horizontal and vertical rulers is to click
     (a)View ruler             (b)Review
     (c)Zoom in                (d)Zoom out

80.The option for splitting text to two or more columns
     (a)Split         (b)Merge
     (c)Column    (d)None of the above

81.Orientation comes under which menu:
     (a)Insert                   (b)Page layout
     (c)Custom margin     (d)themes

82.It is a hard copy device
     (a)Monitor                 (b)cd
     (c)Floppy disk           (d)Printer

83.The key that is used to avoid unwanted window,menu,message etc
     (a)f1             (b)esc
     (c)ctrl           (d)alt

84.The key thatis used to move from one cell to another in a table
     (a)Tab key    (b)Enter key
     (c)Insert key (d)Shift key

85.The tab stops that align numbers around a decimal point
     (a)Left tab                 (b)Right tab
     (c)Decimal tab          (d)Centre tab

86.The tool to remove any cell,row or coloumn partition
      (a)Drawing tool
      (b)Erase tool
      (c)Table tool
      (d)None of the above

87.Size of A3 printing paper is
     (a)210 * 297mm
     (b)297 * 420 mm
     (c)148 * 210mm
     (d)105 * 148 mm

88.The unit of font size is
      (b)Milli meter
      (d)None of the above

89.The feature that copy formatting from one place and apply it to another
      (a)Format Painter
      (c)Back ground

90.By default,the space in between lines is
      (a)3             (b)1.15
      (c)2             (d)1

91.Most commonly used word processor
     (a)M S Word
     (b)M S Windows
     (c)M S Office
     (d)M S Powerpoint

92.A file created using word processor isknown as
      (a)Folder                 (b)File
      (c)Document            (d)Publication

93.......... provides shortcuts in the form of buttons for frequently performed tasks
     (a)Menu bar
     (b)Title bar
     (c)Tool bar
     (d)Task bar

94.Key board shortcut to make letters bold
     (a)Ctrl + B
     (b)Ctrl + N
     (c)Alt + B
     (d)Ctrl + A

95.Which key is used to delete a letter left to the cursor
      (a)Tab         (b)Ctrl
      (c)Delete     (d)Backspace

96.Default typing mode is
      (a)Insert mode
      (b)Type mode
      (c)Overtype mode
      (d)None of the above

97.The act of moving around in a document by using the mouse/key-board is called

98.The distance from the text to the papers edge is called
'      (d)Tab

99.Preset column position is called:
       (a)Margin stops                   (b)Indent
       (c)Tab stops                       (d)None of the above

100.Shortcut to specify 1 1/2 line spacing:
       (a)Ctrl+1                 (b)Ctrl+1.5
       (c)Ctrl+5                 (d)Ctrl+2

Answers :

35.A,36.A,37.D,38.D,39.D,40.D,41.C,42.D,43.QN WRONG,44.D,45.B,46.A,47.B,48.D,49.B,50.A,51.A,52.B,53.D,54....,55.B,

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