Secretariat Assistant Model Exam-Physics

1.Who discovered Radium:
             Answer:  Marie Curie&Pierry Curie
2.The Unit of Energy or Work:
              Answer  : Joule

3.Photo Electric effect was explanied by:
             Answer :  Albert Einstein

4.ThePraticle which is supposed to travel faster than light:
             Answer:  Tachyon

5.Father of wireless telegraphy:
             Answer:   Maeconi

6.Speed of Sound at Zero degree celsius_____________m/s:
             Answer:    Newton

7.Who was the first to Measure the Velocity of light:
              Answer:  Roemer

8.Pitch of a sound depends upon its:
             Answer:   Frequency

9.Short-sight in human eye can be rectified by:
             Answer:   Concave

10.__________Measures Atmospheric pressure:
             Answer:  Barometer 

11.Which one of the following is not a source of renewable energy:
              Answer:  Fuel Cell

12.Heat transfer within the atmosphere is called:
              Answer:  Advection

13.Materials for rain-proof coats and tents owe their water proof properties to:
             Answer:   Surface tension

14.The earpiece of a telephone converts:
             Answer:  Electrical energy into sound energy

15.The line that separates atmosphere and outer space:
             Answer:   Karman line
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