Secretariat assistant ,Assistant Grade 2,Lowerdivision clerk-Model Exam-Constitution

1.Which  schedule contains panchayat Raj?
      Answer: 11th

2.As per the provisions of the constitution the maximum number of members of loksabha is             limited  as:

3.The minimum age required to become a member of rajya sabha: 

4.The number of indirectly elected members to the rajyasabha from union territories:

5.Which part of the constitution of India represent  the quintessence, the philosophy and the ideals or soul of the constiution?

6.Who was the prime minister of India when righht to property was deleted from the list of Fundamental rights?
         Answer:Morarji Desai

7.the directive principles of state policy can be classified into 3 groups which on of the following is not one of such group?

8.which of the following has been copied from Govt of India Act, 1935?
      Answer:Office of Governer

9.The article related to the Prohibition of cow slaughter:

10.National Security Act(NSA)was passed by The parliament:

11.Who asministers the oath of office of the Governor:
      Answer:Chief Justice of HC

12The minimum age prescribed for appointment as a jude of high Court/Supreme Court:
      Answer:No prescribed age

13.The system of parliamentary democracy in india has been Modelled on the System of:

14.Who is the Counter part of attomey general in the state:
      Answer:Advocate general

15.The number of articles related to fundamental Rights when the original constitution was brought into force:
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