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Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Current Affairs Questions And Answers - Divisional Accountant , Railway Group C Examination 2016

Current Affairs Questions And Answers - Divisional Accountant , Railway Group C Examination 2016

1.What is ‘Meghraj’?

 a) The UAV brigade of the IAF 
 b) A special spy aircraft of Indian Navy
 c) The cloud system of NIC
 d) Weather forecasting satellite

Ans:-The cloud system of NIC.

2.Which is the first Indian state to present a 'paperless' budget?

 a) Himachal Pradesh
 b) Delhi
 c) Kerala
 d) Telangana

Ans:-Himachal Pradesh.

3.Book titled "Dreaming Big: My Journey to Connect India" released recently is the autobiography of?

 a) Ravishankar Prasad
 b) E Sreedharan
 c) Narendra Modi 
 d) Sam Pitroda 

Ans:-Sam Pitroda.

4.First World Indigenous Games started on 23 October 2015 in which country?

 a) China
 b) Russia
 c) Argentina
 d) Brazil


5.Who among the following was elected unopposed as the new BCCI President recently?

 a) Digvijay Singh
 b) Sundar Raman
 c) Shashank Manohar
 d) Sourav Ganguly

Ans:-Shashank Manohar.

6.Tomas Lindahl, Paul Modrich and Aziz Sancar have won the prestigious Nobel Prize 2015 in:

 a) Physics
 b) Chemistry
 c) Physiology
 d) Economics


7.The 2015 Nobel Peace Prize went to the National Dialogue Quartet for its decisive contribution to the building of a pluralistic democracy in:

 a) Sweden
 b) Belarus
 c) Cuba
 d) Tunisia


8.Which of the following state govts launched, recently, a programme to trace, rescue and reunite the children with their family under “Operation Valsalya”?

 a) Karnataka
 b) Haryana
 c) Arunachal Pradesh
 d) Kerala


9.Who is the chairman of 7th Pay Commission?

 a) Y V  Reddy
 b) Y.B Chawan
 c) A K Mathur
 d) Raghuram Rajan

Ans:A K Mathur.

10.The first ever International day-night Test cricket was played in November 2015 between:

 a) Australia and New Zealand
 b) England and SouthAfrica
 c) England and Australia
 d) South Africa and India

Ans:Australia and New Zealand.

11.Australia hosted the first ever day-night International test match played with a pink ball
Which country has setup the World's First unmanned factory which is completely operated by Robots?

 a) Japan
 b) USA
 c) China
 d) Germany

Ans: China. 

12.A Chinese firm specialising in precision technology has set up the first unmanned factory at Dongguan city where all the processes are operated by robots, Om Prakash Munjal, the eminent business icon who passed away in August 2015 was the founder of:

 a) Hero Cycles
 b) Maruti Udyog Ltd
 c) Bajaj
 d) Ashok Leyland

Ans: Hero Cycles.

13.India's first retail facility at AIIMS to provide drugs for cancer and cardiovascular diseases at highly discounted rates is named:



14.Indian Navy commissioned Mareech system recently. This is an indigenous :

 a) Torpedo defence system
 b) Anti-aircraft system
 c) Underwater missile launch platform
 d) Submarine-launch missile

Ans:Torpedo defence system
15.Abraham M Keita won the 2015 International Children’s Peace Prize is from :

 a) Liberia
 b) Ghana
 c) Nigeria
 d) Cameroon


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