Kerala PSC Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Kerala PSC Frequently Asked Questions and Answers 2015-2016 
Kerala PSC LDC Examination  Coaching, Sub inspector of Police , Excise Inspector Exam Questions and Answers

1. Which place is known as 'Milk Capital of India'?
Answer : Anand (Gujrat)

2. Which is the sixth language to get the Classical Status in February 2014?
Answer : Odisha

3. Which acid is released by cockroaches upon death which has the effect of preventing other cockroaches from entering the area?
Answer : Linoleic acid

4. Pollination by birds are called?
Answer : Ornithophily

5. Where is the head quarter of INTERPOL?
Answer : Paris

6. Who wrote the book 'The Audacity Hope'?
Answer : Barack Obama

7. Godavari river originates from:
Answer : Tribankeswar

8. A place where bees are kept in called:
Answer : An apiary

9. What is the symbol of element Sodium?
Answer : Na


10. Which British Governor General banned the ritual of sathi in India?
Answer : Lord William Bentinck

11. Who served as the first Acting President of India in 1969 May?
Answer : V V Giri

12. Which indian state is the lead in production of the Basmati rice?
Answer : Haryana

13. Which fatty acid is dominantly found in the sun flower seeds?
Answer : Linoleic acid

14. Which is the only company in India authorized to produce election ink?
Answer : Mysore Paints & Varnish Limited

15. What is the main chemical component of election ink, which is applied to the forefinger of voters during election?
Answer : Silver nitrate

16. Which allotrope of carbon is in rigid 3D structure?
Answer : Diamond

17. Which dynasty ruled over Delhi is believed to have introduced biriyani to India?
Answer : Mughals

18. The value of velocity of sound in air is:
Answer : 333.16 m/s

19. A pencil is viewed through a calcite crystal. Two images are seen. The cause of this phenomenon is:
Answer : Double refraction

20. In radio activity, the radiation which is produced by the transformation of particles in the nucleus is:
Answer : Beta rays

21. The part of electromagnetic radiation with smallest wavelength is:
Answer : Gamma ray

22. When a cylinder is twisted, the internal couple of forces developed within it due to elasticity is called:
Answer : Torsional couple

23. Which metal produces red colour in the flame test?
Answer : Mercury

24. Which gas is identified through the Burning splint test?
Answer : Hydrogen

25. In diesel engine the working substance is:
Answer : Mixture of diesel vapor and air

26. When a charged particle moves through a magnetic field the force acting on its called:
Answer : Lorentz force

27. In electronics, the device used to convert AC power to DC power is:
Answer : Rectifier

28. The light is guided in an optical fiber is on the principle of:
Answer : Total internal reflection

29. In which year was India Tourism Development Corporation Limited (ITDC) established?
Answer : 1966

30. Who was the first known academic to propose the theory of the expansion of the universe?
Answer : Georges Lemaitre

31. A group of organisms which can be a member of Monera or Protista or Plantae:
Answer : Cyanobacteria

32. The source of O2 is liberated in photosynthesis is:
Answer : H2O

33. Edible part of mango is:
Answer : Mesocarp

34. Which political party established in 1917 had the official name of the South Indian Liberal Federation?
Answer : Justice party

35. A gaseous plant hormone is:
Answer : Ethylene

36. Histogen theory was propose by:
Answer : Hanstein

37. Good Ozone is found in:
Answer : Stratosphere

38. A person with sickle cell anaemia has advantages over the disease?
Answer : Malaria

39. Hormone Vasopressin helps:
Answer : To increase the amount of water resorbed in the kidney

40. In which year was the dairy cooperative of Anand Milk Federation Union Limited (AMUL) formed?
Answer : 1946

41. Which eminent Indian personality's audio biography is 'The Man Who made the Elephant Dance'?
Answer : Varghese Kurien

42. Name the festival celebrated in Nagaland every year in the first week of December?
Answer : Hornbill festival

43. Name the Russian film which was awarded Golden Peacock for the best film in the 2014 International Film Festival of India (IFFI):
Answer : Leviathan

44. Name the first African country to use electronic voting machine:
Answer : Namibia

45. Name the mascot of the European Football Championship to be held in France in 2016:
Answer : Super Victor

46. International day for Abolition of Slavery was held on ______.
Answer : December 2

47. Who became the first Indian Footballer to be conferred with the Asian Football Confederation Hall of Frame Award?
Answer : Baichung Butia

48. Butter is an example of ______ type of colloid.
Answer : Gel

49. ______ is a non reducing sugar.
Answer : Sucrose

50. Poly styrene is _______ type of polymer.
Answer : Addition
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