Police Constable Question and Answers 2015

Kerala PSC Police Constable Expected Questions and Answers 2015

1.The leader who fled to Nepal during the time of 1857 revolt ? 

Answer :  Nanasaheb
2.The Whitley commission on labour was setup in ?

Answer :  1929
3.Which is considered as the parental home of Bhagavatism ?

Answer : Mathura 

4.Which Organization was founded by Anand Mohan Bose and S. N. Banerjee ?

Answer :  Indian Association

05.Who is called as “Periyor” ?

Answer : E. V. Ramaswami Naicker 

06.Who made the August Declaration of 1917 ?

Answer : Edwin Montague 

07.Who started the paper “Leader” ?

Answer :  Madan Mohan Malaviya

 08.Who was the exponent of Total Rebellion ?

Answer : Jayaprakash Narayan 

09.Who was the first editor of Hindustan Times ?

Answer : K. M. Panikkar 

 10.Who was the Viceroy of India, when the Penal Code was bought into effect ?

Answer : Lord Canning

11.Barak-8 surface to air missile has been jointly developed by India and which country ? 

Answer : Israel 
12.In which state Indian army conducted an exercise named Shoor Veer ?

Answer : Rajasthan 
13.India’s first Ship Designing Center ?

Answer : NIRDESH – Chaliyam (Kozhikode) 

14.The code name of Indian Navy’s top secret naval base for submarine ?

Answer : Project Varsha – Hyderabad 

 15.The first woman to get the rank of Rear Admiral in the Indian Navy ?

Answer : Nirmala Kannan 

16.The multi-role combat aircraft bought by India from France ?

Answer : Rafale 

17.The project director, who lead the development of Agni IV ?
Answer : V.K. Saraswat 

18.The unmanned Aerial vehicle developed by the DRDO ?

Answer : Rustom 

19.Which armed force is also known as “Citizen’s Army” ?

Answer : Territorial Army 

20.Which is the highest battle field in India ?

Answer : Siachin Glacier 

 21.Which is the long range subsonic Cruise Missile developed by India ?

Answer : Nirbhay 

22.Which is the smallest missile developed by DRDO ?

Answer :  Astra

23.Who is awarded both Kirit Chakra and Asoka Chakra ?

Answer : Col. N.J. Nair 

24.Who was the first Director General of National Investigation Agency ?

Answer : Radha Vinod Raju 

25.Who was the first woman Jawan in India ?

Answer : Shanti Tigga 
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