LDC [Tamil & Malayalam Knowing] Exam Questions and Answers 2015

LDC [Tamil & Malayalam Knowing] Exam Questions and Answers 2015

1) The new Chairman of the Indian Banks Association for 2010-11 is __

A) D. Subbarao
B) O.P. Bhatt
C) T.M. Bhasin
D) K. Sitaramam

2) Which Article of the Constitution of India prohibits untouchability?

A) 15
B) 16
C) 17
D) 18

3) The Lok Sabha approved a Bill in August 2010 that will allow the State Bank of India to reduce Government holding in the bank to__ percent from 55 percent and raise funds from the capital markets  

A) 24
B) 40
C) 49
D) 51

4) Who is known as the “Father of Bangladesh” 

A) Ziaur Rehman
B) Mujinur Rehman
C) Muhammed Ali Jinnah
D) Liaqat Ali Khan

5) Which is niacin deficiency disease?

A) Beri Beri
B) Marasmus
C) Scurvy
D) Pellagra 

6) Akbar granted the site for the construction of Golden Temple in Amritsir to

A) Ram Das 
B) Guru Nanak
C) Teg Bahadur 
D) Arjun Dev

7) Who invaded India in 1398?

A) Mahmaud Ghazni
B) Nadir Shah
C) Timur 
D) Muhammad Ghori

8) The country which won the first place in the first Youth Olympics is

A) Japan
B) China 
C) South Korea
D) Russia

9) The author of the novel “The Lacuna”, which won the 2010 Orange Prize for Fiction is 

A) Hilary Mantel 
B) Rosie Alison
C) Barbara Kingsolver
D) Marilynne Robinson

10) Who is the leader of Telangana Rashtra Samithi (TRS)

A) Kalavuntala Chandrasekhara Rao 
B) Chiranjivi 
C) Chandra Babu Naidu
D) Potti Sreeramalu

11) What is the current salary of Indian President?

A) 3 lakhs 
B) 2 lakhs 
C) 2.5 lakhs 
D) 1.5 lakhs 

12) What is the height of Mount Everest ?

A) 9998 meter 
B) 9950 meter 
C) 8,848 meter
D) 8500 meter

13) India joined United Nations in which year ?

A) 12th October 1945 
B) 30th October 1945 
C) 24th October 1948
D) 30th October 1950

14) In which year was Pondicherry annexed to independent India? (Previous asked question for Kerala PSC Sub Inspector Test 2005)

A) 1st November 1954 
B) 1st November 1956
C) 3rd August 1948
D) 15th August 1947

15) Which National Park in Kerala celebrates its 25th year of declaration as a national park in 2010?

A) Eravikulam National Park 
B) Silent Valley National Park
C) Periyar National Park 
D) Karimpuzha National Park


1) B) O.P. Bhatt
2) C) 17
3) D) 51
4) B) Mujinur Rehman
5) D) Pellagra 
6) A) Ram Das 
7) C) Timur 
8) B) China 
9) C) Barbara Kingsolver
10) A) Kalavuntala Chandrasekhara Rao 
11) D) 1.5 lakhs 
12) C) 8,848 meter
13) B) 30th October 1945 
14) A) 1st November 1954 
15) B) Silent Valley National Park in Kerala  
LDC [Tamil & Malayalam Knowing] Exam Questions and Answers 2015
<center>LDC [Tamil & Malayalam Knowing] Exam Questions and Answers 2015</center>
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