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1.What is the standard weight in which gold is quoted in the international market ?
Answer :-Troy ounce

2.Who is the first woman president of the Indian National Congress ?
Answer :-Annibasent

3.Catherine Mary Heilman, a disciple of Mahatma Gandhi is better known as ?
Answer :- Sarala Ben

4.Who was the young Anglo Indian Poet Freedom Fighter started ‘Young Bengal Movement’
Answer :-Henry Derozia

5.Apart from Mahatma Gandhi which other Indian politician is affectionately called Bapu ?
Answer :-Sankarsingh Vaghela

6.In 1969, when the Congress party split in to pro Indira & anti Indira groups who led the pro Indira group ?
Answer :-S.Nijalingappa

7.Who wrote the book ‘Riddles of Hinduism’ ?
Answer :- Dr.B.R. Ambedkar

8.Who has been appointed as India’s National Security Advisor ?
Answer :-Ajith Kumar Doval 

9.The first Chief Minister of Telengana ?
Answer :-K. Chandrashekar Rao

10.Which Maratha revolutionary leader revived the Ganapati and Shivaji festivals ?
Answer :-Bala Gangadhar Tilak

11.The Central Chief Information Commissioner ?
Answer :-Rajeev Mathur

12.Who was the first Indian to be made a member of the Governor General’s Executive Council ?
Answer :-S.P. Sinha

13.Who was the first editor of Swadesabhimani newspaper started by Vakkom Abdul Khadar Moulavi ?
Answer :-C.P. Govinda Pillai

14. Charles Darwin published origin of species in ?
Answer :-1861

15.First Digital Panchayat of Kerala ?
Answer :-Paampakkuda (Eranakulam)

16.Which film won the Best film award in the 61st National Film Awards ?
Answer :-Ship of Theseus

17.The decipherment of Brahmi script was done by :
Answer :- James Princep  

18. Ramsar conventions refers to the conservation of ?
Answer :-Wet lands

19. Leader of “Pattini Jadha” from Kannur to Madras in 1936 ?
Answer :-A.K. Gopalan

20. Which tribal group is dominant in the Blue mountains in South India ?
Answer :-Todas

21. “Dhanushkodi” is the meeting point of ?
Answer :-Indian Ocean & Bay of Bengal

22. Decoding Didi is a book about _____:
Answer :-Mamta Banerjee (Written by Dola Mitra)

23. When was the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FICCI) started ?
Answer :-1927

24.Which country decided to provide automatic tax information exchange to India ?
Answer :-Mauritius

25.The famous 20 point in put –out put programme introduced by :
Answer :-Indira Gandhi

26.Duncan passage is between :
Answer :-South Andaman & Little Andaman

27.First education minister of free India ?
Answer :-Moulana Abdul Kalam Asad

28.Who was the first women film star nominated to the Rajya Sabha ?
Answer :- Nargis Dutt

29.Which mountain range separates North India and South India ?
Answer :-Vindhyas

30.Which state Govt. decided to add a chapter on Sachin Tendulkar in the school syllabus on 2014 ?
Answer :-Maharashtra
31.Which train runs between Bhagat KiKothi (Rajastan) and Karachi ?
Answer :-Thar Link Express

32. The second woman Governor of India ?
Answer :- Padmaja Naidu

33.The Principal Secretary to Prime Minister of India is
Answer :-Nripendra Mishra

34. The only session of India National Congress held in a village ?
Answer :-Faizpur

35. Which Bolywood Actress is engaged as the Brand Ambassador of Mamta Abhiyan (Madhya Pradesh) campaign :
Answer :- Madhuri Dixit

36.The freedom fighter who served as the Private Secretary of Mahatma Gandhi for 25 years and died in Aghakhan Palace Pune.
Answer :-Mahadev Desai

37. The Governor General who introduced the idea of ‘Little Republics’ related to village administration.
Answer :-Charles Metcaf

38. The place which is known as the ‘Mecca of temple architecture’.
Answer :-Khajuraho

39. The battle which determined the fate of the French in India ?
Answer :-Wandiwash

40.The Communal Award was announced by which British Prime Minister ?
Answer :-Ramsay Macdonald

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