LGS Exam Selected Questions And Answers 2014

LGS Exam Expected Questions and Answers

1. Which Indian State is often called 'The Heart of India'?
Answer : Madhya Pradesh

2. Largest Zoo in India is the :
Answer : Guwahati Zoo

3. In which district is the Malampuzha Gardens?
Answer : Palakkad

4. Gandhi Sagar Dam is on the river :
Answer : Chambal

5. Chanakya's other name was:
Answer : Kautilya

6. What is the modern name of Mysore State?
Answer : Karnataka

7. Bacteria were first observed by:
Answer : Leeuwenhock

8. After vaccination the body builds up:
Answer : Antibodies

9. Who is the Author of the book Ujjaini?
Answer : O.N.V. Kurup

10. What is the chemical name of Heavy Water?
Answer : Deuterium Oxide

11. Nilgiris are part of :
Answer : Western Ghats

12. Pediatrician is a :
Answer : Child Specialist

13. Pentagon refers to :
Answer : The Defence department of U.S.A

14. Which of the following disease is caused due to shortage of red blood cells?
a. Arthritis
b. Anaemia
c. Lukaemia
d. Meningitis
Answer : Anaemia

15. Coffee is not grown in
a. Maharashtra
b. Kerala
c. Tamil Nadu
d. Karnataka
Answer : Maharashtra
16. The velocity of the sound in Vaccum is:
Ans : Less than in air

17. The Heavy Engineering Corporation is at :
Answer : Ranchi

18. Where is Central Mining Research Station?
Answer : Dhanbad

19. Where is Indian Institute of Petroleum?
Answer : Dehradun

20. Where is Central Drug Research Institute situated?
Answer : Lucknow

21. The book 'Broken Wings' was written by:
Answer : Sarojini Naidu

22. Who was known as 'Punjab Kesari'?
Answer : Lala Lajpat Rai

23. The first cotton mill in India was set up in Calcutta in:
Answer : 1818

24. The velocity of the sound in Vaccum is:
Answer : Less than in air

25. In which country is Jafna situated?
Answer : Sri Lanka

26. The novel 'Gora' is written by :
Answer : Rabindranath Tagore

27. Where is the Tata Institute of Fundamental Research situated?
Answer : Mumbai

28. With which of the following fields is Birju Maharaj associated?
a. Medicine
b. Literature
c. Dance
d. Music
Answer : Dance

29. Tamil, Telengu and Malayalam belong to which linguistic family?
Answer : Dravidian

30. The Shanti Swarup Bhatnagar award are given for excellence in:
Answer : Science and Technology

LGS Exam Selected Questions And Answers 2014
<center>LGS Exam Selected Questions And Answers 2014</center>
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