Women Police Constable Previous Year Exam Question

 Kerala PSC Women Police Constable Exam Previous Question Paper 2011

1.The first Indian who won an Oscar
(A)Razool Pookutty
(B)A.R. Rahuman
(D)Sathyajith Ray

2.The autobiography of Nelson Mandela :
(A)Long Walk to Freedom
(B)Freedom from fear
(C)On Liberty
(D)Freedom in Exile

3.Who is the winner of the BharatRatna 2008?
(A)Pandit Ravi Shankar
(B)Lata Mangeshkar
(C)Pandil Bhimsen Joshi
(D)Ustad Bismillah Khan

4.Head quarter of Southern Railway :

5.Chairman of National knowledge commission :
(B)Sam Pitroda
(C)Ranjith Singh
(D)KC. Varma

6.Where is Ashtamudi lake situated ?

7.When does South-West monsoon blow?
(D)None of these

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8.ThecapitaLof Lakshadweep:
(B)Port Blair

9.One of the following is not a Kharif crop :

10.The state which has no railway line :
(D)Arunachal Pradesh

11.A natural fertilizer :
(B)Ammonium Nitrate
(D)Ammonium Sulphate

12.Who is regarded as the father of Medicine?
(D)Adam Smith

13.Number of chromosomes in a human cell :
(A)23 pairs
(B)26 pairs
(C)33 pairs
(D)35 pairs

14.Which is treated as the King of fruits?

15.Chemical name for Baking soda :
(A)Zinc sulphate
(B)Sodium bicarbonate
(C)Citric acid
(D)Sodium sulphate

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Women Police Constable Previous Year Exam Question
<center>Women Police Constable Previous Year Exam Question</center>
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