HSA History Previous year Question Paper

Kerala PSC HSA History Previous Year Question Paper

1.The year in which julius was murdered :
(A) 44 B.C
(b)54 B.C
(C) 48 B.C
(D) 52 B.C

2.On which day fall of Bastille took place:

(A)15th December 1792
(B)10th Sepetember
(C)5th October 1792
(D)14th July 1789

3.By What name the Bubonic Plague that hit Europe in 14 century was known

(A) The red Death
(B) The Horror
(C) Black Death
(D) The Great Terror

4.What is Known as Fief in feudalism?

(A) Piece of land
(B) Position
(C) Office
(D) A Province

5.Medieval period in european history Was Known as:

(A) The Bright age
(B) The White age
(C) Christian age
(D) The Dark age

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HSA History Previous year Question Paper
<center>HSA History Previous year Question Paper</center>
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