Kerala PSC VEO Exam Questions And Answers 2014

VEO Exam Questions and Answers 2014 ||  Kerala PSC VEO Exam Questions and Answers || Basic General Knowldege Questions and Answer 

1. The first Speaker in the Kerala Legislative Assembly was:
Ans. R.Sankara Narayanan Thampi

2. The first book printed in Malayalam “Samkshepa Vedartha’ was printed at
Ans. Rome

3. Who is known as the “Jhansi Rani of Travancore”?
Ans. Ackamma Cherian

4. The district in Kerala that shares border with Karnataka and Tamilnadu is:
Ans. Wayanad

5. The first biological park in India is situated at:
Ans. Agasthyarkoodam

6. The ruler of Travancore who defeated the Dutch in the battle of Kulachal was
Ans. Marthanda Varma

7. Parambikulam Wildlife sanctuary in Kerala is situated at:
Ans. Palakkad

8. During the reign of .......... primary education was made compulsory in Travancore
Ans. Swathi Thirunal

9. Name the first Indian Astronaut:
Ans. Rakesh Sharma

10. What is the playing time of the full version of our National Anthem?

Ans. 52 Seconds

11. The real name of Vikramaditya was:
Ans. Chandragupta II

12. “Silver Revolution” relates to:
Ans. Egg production

13. “Therukkooth” is the popular dance form of:
Ans. Tamil Nadu

14. The language that developed in India as a result of Hindu-Muslim unity is:
Ans. Urdu

15. In which battle Prithviraj Chauhan defeated Mohammad Ghori
Ans. First battle of Tarain

16. Who is known as the “Saint of the Gutters”?
Ans. Mother Teresa

17. India adopted a parliamentary form of government based on:
Ans. British model

18. The dance form developed on the line of Kathakali is known as:
Ans. Mohiniyattam

19. The state bird of Kerala is:
Ans. Hornbill

20. Travancore and Cochin States were integrated in:
Ans. 1st July 1949

Kerala PSC VEO Exam Questions And Answers 2014
<center>Kerala PSC VEO Exam Questions And Answers 2014</center>
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