Village Extension Officer ( VEO) Expected Questions and Answers Part-2

Village Extension Officer Questions and Answers

  •     The cheapest transport in India is:
Answer: Water transport
  •     Public health and sanitation, under the Indian Constitution fall in_______list.
Answer: State list
  •     The festival kumbhamela is celebrated in:
Answer: Uttar Pradesh
  •     Varika Vrika Sahajare________these malayalam poetic lines had been written by:
Answer: Amsi Narayana pillai
  •     The largest planet is:
Answer: Jupiter
  •     Name the capital of Switzerland:
Answer: Berne
  •     Who wrote Asian Drama?
Answer: Gunnar Myr Dal
  •     Pneumonia affects:
Answer: Lungs
  •     Arms and the man is a drama written by:
Answer: Bernard Shaw
  •     One word for a group of islands.
  •      The game chess had its origin in:
Answer: India
  •     How many bones are there in the human body?
Answer: 206
  •      The first Cricketer who complete 300 one day internationals.
Answer: Wasim Akram
  •     Who published ‘Horthus Malabaricus’?
Answer: The Dutch
  •      ‘Kovilan’ is the pen name of:
Answer: V.V. Ayyappan
  •     Who was the first Education Minister of Kerala State?
Answer: Joseph Mundasseri
  •     The Idukki dam is across the river:
Answer: Periyar
  •     The first month of the Saka era is:
Answer: Chaithra
  •      The production of which commodity was the subject of Brown Revolution?
Answer: Leather
  •      The efforts to increase the production of _______was given the name of Blue Revolution?
Answer: Fish
  •      Black Revolution associated with the production of ________?
Answer: Petroleum
  •      Operation Flood associated with the increase in the production of______?
Answer: Milk
  •      Who is known as the ‘Father of White Revolution’?
Answer: Dr. Varghese Kurien
  •     Which country is the leading producer of vegetables?
Answer: India
  •      Which is the major type of soil in India?
Answer: Alluvial Soil
  •      Black Soil is best suited for the cultivation of _______?
Answer: Cotton
  •     Which country is the leading producer of rice and wheat?
Answer: China
  •      Which country is the leading producer of wheat?
Answer: India
  •    _______ Is the leading of producer of tea in the world?
Answer: China
  •     Which is the major soil type found in Kerala?
Answer: Laterite Soil
  •     Which is the leading Rice producer state in India?
Answer: West Bengal
  •     Who authored the Bok ‘The One Straw Revolution’?
Answer: Masanobu Fukuoka
  •     Who is known as ‘The Father of Organic Farming’?
Answer: Albert Howard
Village Extension Officer ( VEO) Expected Questions and Answers Part-2
<center>Village Extension Officer ( VEO) Expected Questions and Answers Part-2</center>
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