Village Extension Officer [VEO} 2014 Model Exam Questions and Answers

Village Extension officer Questions and Answers 2014 | VEO Exam Questions and Answers | VEO Expected Questions and Answers |

1.Who discovered Electron?
Answer: JJ Thomson

2 Chinese revolution was held in ………

3 Which color has the shortest wave length?
Answer: Violet

4 The first Audio novel in Malayalam

5 Goa became a part of Indian union in …….

6 The Hypsometer is used measure……..
Answer:The boiling point of liquids

7 The British Viceroy to introduce Budget in Indian was ……. 
Answer:Lord Canning

8 Who wrote the book Silent Spring 
Answer:Rachel Curzon

9 The gland which control the Glucose level in blood is

10 The largest union territory in India

11. The President of India who withdrew the National Emergency in 1977 was…….
Answer:BD Jetty

12. The State Bank of India was set up in ……….

13. The smallest Taluk in Kerala

14. The last Hindu ruler of North India
Answer:Harsha Vardhana

15. Which is called Rock cotton?

16. The Time taken by the Earth to complete the rotation is
Answer:23hrs, 56 minutes, and 4.09seconds

17. Mao Tse Tung came into power in China in ………..

18. The distance between the Earth and the Moon
Answer:382162 Kilometer

19 .The time taken by the Earth to 150
Answer:1 hour

20 .The first African to win Nobel Prize
Answer:Wole Soyinka
Village Extension Officer [VEO} 2014 Model Exam Questions and Answers
<center>Village Extension Officer [VEO} 2014 Model Exam Questions and Answers</center>
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