Renaissance in Kerala

 Renaissance of  Kerala For Kerala PSC Examinations

1.Who was the first general secretary of nair Service Society ?
Answer: Mannath Padmanabhan

2.Mannath Padmanabhan's autobiography is ____?
Answer: Ente Jeevitha Samarangal

3.Whose pen name is P S Cheriyan 
Answer:E M S Namboodirippad

4.Temple Entry Proclamatoin in Travencore issued on__?
Answer:12 Nov 1936

5. Who was the author of the poems ‘Iswara Vicharam, Daiva Vichinthanam, Rajayogananda Gita, Darsanam and Yogamrutham’?
Answer: Vagbhatananda

6. Who is the author of ‘Adhyatma Yuddham or Anandadarsa Praduamsanam’?
Answer: Vagbhatananda

7. The speeches of which social reformer was instrumental in changing the people towards socio-religious reforms?
Answer: Vagbhatananda

8. Swami Aryabhatan and Swami Samanthabhadran were the disciples of ____________?
Answer: Vagbhatananda

9.Who propagated Rajayoga through eloquent speeches?
Answer: Vagbhatananda

10. Vagbhatananda was a disciple of _________?
Answer: Brahmananda Sivayogi

11. Who fought against the social evils of ‘Ettu & Mattu’?
Answer: Vagbhatananda

12. In 1916, who wrote ‘Manasachapalya Samanam’?
Answer: Vagbhatananda

13. Who wrote ‘Mangala Slokangal’ in 1917?
Answer: Vagbhatananda

14. Athmavidya Sangham was founded in the year _______?
Answer: 1917

15. Which journal was published in 1921 by the Athmavidya Sangham?
Answer: Abhinava Keralam

16. The motto of which journal was ‘Awake! Pray to the Lord of the Universe! Arise now itself, and oppose injustice’?
Answer: Abhinava Keralam

17. Through which poem written in 1921, Vagbhatananda proclaimed the manifesto of Athmavidya Sangham?
Answer: Swathanthra Chinthamani

18. Name the booklet written by Vagbhatananda in 1927 to condemn the ideas of Sivayogi?
Answer: Adhyatmayudham

19.Yachana Yatra was led by ____?
Answer: V T Bhattathirippad

20. Vayaleri Kunhikannan Gurukkal was the former name of ___________?
Answer: Vagbhatananda
Renaissance in Kerala
<center>Renaissance in Kerala </center>
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