LGS Expected Questions and Answes Part - 11

 Kerala PSC LGS Expected Questions -Part 5

United Nation

1) Head Quarters of United Nations
Ans - New York

2) UN Emerged in the year
Ans 1945 October 24

3) United Nations day is observed on
Ans - October 24

4) Who is the current Secretary General of United Nations
Ans - Ban Ki-moon

5) Number of Member states in United Nations
Ans - 193

6) Principle organs of United Nations
Ans - General Assembly

7) Which are the official languages of UN
Ans - Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Russian, Spanish

8) Who has coined the name United Nations first time
Ans - Franklin D Roosevelt

9) First Secretary General of UN
Ans - Trygve Lie of Norway - February 2nd 1946 November 1952

10) First Asian secretary General to United Nations
Ans - U Thant - Burma during November1961 to 1971

LGS Expected Questions and Answes Part - 11
<center>LGS Expected Questions and Answes Part - 11</center>
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