Last Grade Exam 2014 Model Questions and Answers

Kerala PSC Last Grade Servants Exam Expected Questions and Answers 2014

Kerala PSC Frequently Asked Articles

    Article 14 :Equality before the law and equal protection on law.
    Article 16 :Equality of opportunity in matters of public                
                    Employment or appointment to any office Under a State.   
    Article 17 :A bolition of unsociability
    Article 18 :Abolition of Titles
    Article 19 :Right to Freedom.
    Article 21 :Protection of life and personal liberty
    Article 22 :Protection against arbitrary arrest and detention
    Article 23 :Prohibition of traffic in Human being and forced 
    Article 24 :Prohibition of employment of children in factories
                   Below the age of 14    
    Article 25 :Freedom of conscience and religion
    Article 26: Freedom to manage religious affairs.
    Article 27 :Freedom not to pay taxes for Religious
    Article 28 :Freedom not to attend Religious Instruction
    Article 29: Protection of interests of minorities.
    Article 32 :Right to Constitutional Remedies
    Article 40: Organise Village Panchayat in State.
    Article 44: Uniform Civil Code for citizens.
    Article 45 :Provision for free and compulsory education
                   For children, up to the age of 14
    Article 49: Protection of national monuments
    Article 50 :Separation of Judiciary from the executive
    Article 52: President of India
    Article 53: Powers of President of India
    Article 58 :Qualifications for election as the President
    Article 61: Procedure for impeachment of the President.
    Article 63 :Vice- President of India
    Article 74 :Council of Ministers
    Article 84: Qualifications for membership of Parliament.
                   Rajya Sabha & Lok Sbha)
    Article 110: Money Bill
    Article 120 :Official language of Parliament
    Article 153 :Governor for each State
    Article 155 :Appointment of Governor
    Article 164 :Appointment of Chief Minister
    Article214 : Provision of High Court
    Article 239 :Administration of Union Territories
    Article315 : Public Service Commission for the Union and each           
    Article 352: Proclamation of emergency by the President due to war,
                     External aggression or armed rebellion
    Article 356: President s rule in a State.
    Article 360: Financial emergency
    Article 368: Amendment of the constitution by Parliament.
    Article 370: Special status to J& K.
    Article 378: Provisions of the Public Service Commission
Last Grade Exam 2014 Model Questions and Answers
<center>Last Grade Exam 2014 Model Questions and Answers</center>
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