Currant Affairs March 2014 - Questions and Answers

 Currant Affairs March 2014 Based Questions and Answers

  • The South African cricket captain who has recently announced his retirement?
Ans:Graeme Smith

  • Which former Union minister wrote the book India at Risk?
Ans:Jessant Singh

  • World’s longest aircraft recently unveiled in Britain is named…?
Ans:Madhya Pradesh

  • World’s longest aircraft recently unveiled in Britain is named…?

  •  Name the eminent Hindi writer who has boon selected for Vyas Samman in 2013?
Ans:Viswanath Thripathi

  • Which popular American author of non- fiction novels, popular for his book fatal Vision passed away on 10 March?
Ans:Joe McGinniss

  • What is the name given to the biggest virus ever found, recently discovered in Siberia?
Ans:Pithovirus sibericum

  • Which team bagged the 68th Santosh Trophy Football title?

  • Which Indian writer won the "Windham Campbell" Literature Prize?
Ans:Pankaj Mishra

  • Which country has recently declared Muslim Brotherhood, Al- Nurse Front, Hezbollah and the Islamic State of lraq and Syria (ISIS) as terrorist organizations?
Ans:Saudi Arabia

  • International Women’s day............?
Ans:March 8

  • The assembly election in which states are going to be held simultaneously with the Look Sabha polls?
Ans:Sikkim Obisha Andhra Pradesh and Arunachal Pradesh

  • World Dentist Day was observed on ………?
Ans:March 6

  • National Cycling Academy was inaugurated at…….?
Ans:New Deli

  • Who appointed as the new Governor of Kerala?
Ans:Sheila Dayshift

  • Who regained the title as world’s richest person according to Forbes magazine’s annual ranking of global billionaires?
Ans:Bill Gates

  • Which Indian shutter claimed German Open Grand Prix Gold badminton tournament?
Ans:Arvin Bhatt

  • Which island country in the Pacific Ocean has decided to hold a referendum on whether to change their national flag?
Ans:New Zealand

  • Which Indian won the SAIL- SBI Open golf title 2014?
 Ans:Rashid Khan

  • _______has become the first state in India to observe Child Protection Day?


  • World Wildlife Day was observed on ………?
Ans:March 3

  • Which Institute under the Government of India has decided to launch a mega project of documenting almost 500 endangered languages in India? Ans:Central institute of Indian Languages (Mysore)

  • Dinesh Sarraf has been appointed as the new Chairman and Managing Director of…?
Ans:Oil and Natural Gas Corporation (ONGC) Ltd

  • The mortal remains of about 282 soldiers who were killed in the 1857 uprising have been exhumed from a well in which state?


Currant Affairs March 2014 - Questions and Answers
<center>Currant Affairs March 2014 - Questions and Answers</center>
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