Village Extension Officer Expected Questions and Answers 2014

Kerala PSC Village Extension Officer Expected Questions and Answers 2014

1. The first Governor General of Independent India is:
Ans. Lord Louis Mountbatten

2. Indian military operation in Kargil in 1999 was named
Ans. Operation Vijay

3. The first Indian state formed on the basis of language:
Ans. Andhra pradesh

4. Which is known as the “Heart and Soul” of the Indian Constitution?
Ans. Right to constitutional remedy

5. The person who gave the call “Dilli Chalo”:
Ans. Subhash Chandra Bose

6. Chairman of the Rajya Sabha is:
Ans. Vice President of India

7. The district of Kerala which has no coast line:
Ans. Kottayam

8. Wagamon hill station is situated in
Ans. Idukki

9. Kerala Forest Research Institute is in:
Ans. Thrissur

10. The Konkan railway has been constructed between
Ans. Mangalore and Mumbai

11. Which ocean is nicknamed as “Herring Pond”?
Ans. Atlantic Ocean

12. Fear of wild animals is a phobia called:
Ans. Agrizoophobia

13. World Animal Welfare Day is on:
Ans. October 4

14. The organ attacked by the disease AIDS:
Ans. Immune system

15. The Blue colour of the sky is due to:
Ans. Scattering of light

16. The instrument used to record the growth of plants:
Ans. Crescograph

17. Gir Forest in India is in:
Ans. Gujarat

18. World environment day is on:
Ans. June 5

19. The lady known as the “Grand Old Lady of Indian Nationalism” is
Ans. Ms Annie Besant

20. Periyar wild life sanctuary is situated in:
Ans. Idukki

21. The Headquarters of SAARC is situated at:
Ans. Kathmandu

22. The author of the biography “Wings of Fire”
Ans. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam

23. The first Indian postage was released in:
Ans. 1854

24. Who is called the “Second Ashoka”?
Ans. Kanishka

25. Wild life Institute of India is situated at:
Ans. Dehradun
Village Extension Officer Expected Questions and Answers 2014
<center>Village Extension Officer Expected Questions and Answers 2014</center>
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