VEO (Village Extension Officer) Expected Questions and Answers 2014

Kerala PSC VEO Exam Model Questions and Answers 2014

1. A pearmain is what type of fruit?
Ans : Apple

2. What flower is the symbol of secrecy?
Ans : Rose

3. Which African country was founded by Americans?
Ans : Liberia

4. What was the name of Isaac Newton's dog - caused fire in lab?
Ans : Diamond

5. What is the worlds tallest grass?
Ans : Bamboo

6. The Salk vaccine is used against what disease?
Ans : Polio

7. Which country first used the fountain pen?
Ans : Egypt

8. TAP is the national airline of which country?
Ans : Portugal

9. Who was known as the Little Brown Saint?
Ans : Gandhi

10. A skulk is a group of which animals?
Ans : Foxes

11. What is the tenth letter of the Greek alphabet?
Ans: Kappa

12.How many rings on the Olympic flag?
Ans : Five

13. King Zog ruled which country?
Ans : Albania

14. Which country grows the most fruit?
Ans : China

15. Which car company makes the Celica?
Ans : Toyota

16. Which company is owned by Bill Gates?
Ans : Microsoft

17. Who wrote the Opera Madam Butterfly?
Ans : Puccini

18. Broccoli belongs to what family of plants?
Ans : Cabbage

19. The Mau Mau were terrorists in which country in the period of 1950-1960?
Ans : Kenya

20. Which European country is divided into areas called Cantons
Ans : Switzerland

VEO (Village Extension Officer) Expected Questions and Answers 2014
<center>VEO (Village Extension Officer) Expected Questions and Answers 2014</center>
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