Assistant Grade Exam - Khadi And Village Industries Solved Question Paper

1. What is the average life of coconut tree?
(a) 5 years (b) 15 years (c) 50 years (d) 100 years
(e)25 years

2. What are insecticides?
(a) Eatables (b) A metal (c) An insect (d) A plant
(e) Chemical used to kill insects

3. Which is the source of energy in the biosphere?
(a) Sun (b) Stars (c) Moon (d) Electricity
(e) Water

4. Which part of the Coco tree is the source of natural chocolate flavour?
(a) Stem (b) Leaves (c) Root (d) Seeds
(e) Fruits

5. What is a flying fox?
(a) An aeroplane (b) A kind of bat(c) Squirrel (d) A butterfly
(e) A bird

6. Which is the tallest living animal?
(a) African elephant(b) Indian elephant
(c) Hippopotamus (d) Dinosaur (e) Giraffe

7. Which is the most stupid bird in the world?
(a) Turkey (b) Penguin (c) Cuckoo (d) Swan
(e) Duck

8. Largest fish in the sea
(a) Whale shark (b) Milk fish (c) Lung fish (d)Trout
(e) Squid

9. What is the instrument used by doctors to hear the sound of heart and lungs?
(a) Ammeter (b) Binocular (c) Stethoscope (d) Lactometer
(e) X-ray

10. What is the function of kidney in the human body?
(a) To digest food (b) To filter waste materials
(c) To circulate blood (d) To make body warm
(e) None of these

11. Which are the four main groups of Blood?
(A) c, d, f, g, (B) a, b, ab, o (C) d, e, f, g. (D) a, f, d, o (E) ab, f, g, d

12. How many queen bees are found in a bee hive?
(a) 3 (b) 1 (c) 4 (d) 2
(e) 6

13. Which metal is found in liquid form in natural stage?
(a) Aluminium (b) Zinc (c) Copper (d) Mercury
(e) Gold

14. DDT is used as
(a) An insecticide (b) Manure (c) Oxidiser (d) Reducer
(e) Food

15. Name the acid used for solidifying latex?
(a)Formic acid (b) Sulphuric acid
(c) Hydrochloric acid (d) Acetic acid
(e) Citric acid

16. What is laughing gas?
(a) Calcium carbide (b) Nitrogen (c) Hydrogen sulphide
(d) Nitrous oxide (e) Argon

17. What is used for cutting glass?
(a) Gypsum (b) Iron (c) Diamond (d)Tin
(e) Magnesium

18. Digital computers are classified into how many categories?
(a) 5 (b)9 (c)10 (d) 11
(e) 4

19. Which country has the world’s largest cattle population?
(a) Indonesia (b) India (c) America (d) Africa
(e) Srilanka

20. Euro is the currency of which country?
(a) Europe (b) Russia (c) Latin America(d) Japan
(e) Singapore

21. Which state in India has the biggest coal reserve?
(a)Rajasthan (b) Tamilnadu (c) Andhra pradesh (d) Asia
(e) Bihar.

22. In which Indian state is Lignite is found?
(a) Madhyapradesh (b) Uttarpradesh
(c) Punjab (d) Haryana (e)Tamilnadu

23. The average intake of food of an average Indian is how many calories?
(a) 5000 (b) 6000 (c) 8000 (d) 2000
(e) 10000

24. What percentage of Indian population lives below poverty line?
(a) 50 (b) 60 (c) 70 (d) 80
(e) 35

25. How many electron guns are there in the picture tube of a colour TV?
(a) 5 (b) 3 (c) 7 (d) 9
(e) 10

26. Mahatma Gandhiji was born on
(a) September 20 (b) October 30 (c) October 2 (d) August 15
(e) November 17

27. Which is the instrument used for measuring the intensity of the earthquake?
(a) Binocular (b) Microscope (c) Richter scale (d) Audiometer
(e) Thermometer

28. Igloo is the house of
(a) Eskimos (b) Africans (c) Russians (d) Arabs
(e) Bengalees

29. The earth rotates on its axis from
(a) West-East (b) South-East (c) East-West (d) North -East
(e) North-West

30. Which is the largest river in the world?
(a) Periyar (b) Pamba (c) Kaveri (d) Ganga
(e) Amazon

31. Which city is holy for Christians, Muslims, and Jews?
(a) Tokyo (b) Jerusalem (c) Mecca (d) Dubai
(e) Palestine

32. Which is the longest Railway platform in India?
(a) Kanpur (b) New Delhi (c) Nagpur (d) Bhilai
(e) Kharagpur

33. Capital of Afghanistan?
(a) Kabul (b) Kandi (c) Karachi (d) Shillong
(e) Sikkim

34. Where is the Golden temple situated?
(a) Banaras (b) Amritsar (c) Delhi (d) Mysore
(e) Kashmir

35. Which gas has the smell of rotten eggs?
(a) Hydrogen (b) Oxygen (c) Hydrogen sulphide
(d) Helium (e) Sulphur dioxide

Complete the following:
36. Man proposes...
(a) King disposes (b) Devil disposes
(c) Earth disposes (d) Nature disposes (e) God disposes

37. Spare the rod an(d)...
(a) save the child (b) spoil the child
(c) encourage the child (d) enlighten the child (e) amuse the child

38. What is the name of official residence of the President of USA?
(a) Blue House (b) Red House (c) White House(d) Black House
(e) Green House

39. Where is the International Court of justice situated?
(a) Hague (b) Belgium (c) Denmark (d) Finland
(e) Italy

40. A tape recorder should not be kept near one of the following things?
(a) Clock (b) Radio (c) Bell (d) Telephone
(e) Magnet

41. In an electrical bulb the filament is made of
(a) lead (b) carbon (c) tungsten (d) copper
(e) bronze

42. Soda water contains
(a) Nitrous oxide (b) Carbon dioxide (c) Carbon monoxide
(d) Methane (e) Natural gas

43. Absence of iodine in human body causes
(a) Goitre (b) Cholera (c) Rickets (d) Mumps
(e) Typhoid

44. Fruits contain
(a) Nitric acid (b) Sulphuric acid (c) Lodic acid
(d) Citric acid (e) Hydrochloric acid

45. Which gas is used in coloured display sign boards?
(a) Argon (b) Crypton (c) Helium (d) Neon
(e) Chromium

46. Which of the following is used for killing bacteria?
(a) Ethane (b) Nitrogen (c) Chlorine (d) Oxygen
(e) Sulphur dioxide

47. Who is the first Indian woman who won the Olympics medal?
(a) P.T. Usha (b) Shiny Wilson (c) Mercy Kuttan
(d) Rosakutty (e) Karnam Malleswary

48. Who is the Chief Minister in India who resigned recently on health grounds?
(a) Farukh Abdullah (b) Jyoti Basu
(c) Bajanlal (d) Karunanidhi
(e) Chandrababu Naidu

49. A modem submarine uses which fuel?
(a) Petrol (b) Diesel (c) Nuclear fuel (d) Coal
(e) Kerosene

50. Dialysis is taken to relieve
(a) Cough (b) Pain (c) Fever (d) Cholera
(e) Typhoid

51. The head of the Indian Government is
(a) President (b) Prime minister
(c) Speaker (d) Opposition leader (e) Vice President

52. General elections are held in India every
(a) 3 years (b) 4 years (c) 5 years (d) 6 years
(e) 7 years

53. Governor of a state are appointed by
(a) Prime Minister (b) President (c) Speaker (d) Chief Minsiter
(e) Vice President

54. Who discovered the Laws of Gravitation?
(a) Edison (b) Issac Newton
(c) Colombus (d) Madam Curie (e) John Dalton

55. In which year was the state of Kerala formed?
(a) 1951 (b) 1956 (c) 1957 (d) 1958
(e) 1959

56. Who was the first Chief Minister of Kerala?
(a) E.M.S. Namboodirippad (b) C. Achutha Menon
(c) Pattam Thanu Pillai (d) P.T. Chacko (e) R. Sankar

57. Which is the smallest district in Kerala?
(a) Kollam (b) Alappuzha (c) Waynad (d) Kannur
(e) Kasargode

58. Which district in Kerala has no railway line?
(a) Trissur (b) Ernakulam (c) Alappuzha (d) Idukki
(e) Kasargode

59. Which is the largest rubber producing state in India?
(a) Assam (b) Kashmir (c) Punjab (d) Tamilnadu
(e) Kerala

60. Who started Ottanthullal?
(a) Vallathol (b) Kumaran Asan
(c) Kunchan Nambiar (d) Vyloppilly (e) Changampuzha

61. Where is the bird sanctuary in Kerala situated?
(a) Munnar (b) Kumily (c) Thattekkad (d) Adimaly
(e) Kulamavu

62. Birth place of Thakazhi Sivasankara Pillai is
(a) Chengannur (b) Thakazhy (c) Thiruvalla (d) Sabarimala
(e) Ranni

63. H.C.Fof 14 85 and 4356 is
(a) 189 (b) 89 (c) 99 (d) 83
(e) 51

64 L.C.M. of 87 and 145 is
(a) 870 (b) 1305 (c) 435 (d) 1740
(e) 1820

65. The average age of 3 boys is 15 years. Their ages are in the ratio of 3:5:7. If so the age of the youngest boy is
(a) 9 years (b) 15 years (c) 18 years (d) 21 years
(e) 22 years

66. The price of a scooter and TV are in the ratio of 3:2 and if the scooter costs Rs. 6000 more than the TV, the price of  the TV will be
(a) Rs. 6000 (b) Rs 10000 (c) Rs. 12000 (d) Rs. 18000
(e) Rs. 20000

67. A,B,C put Rs. 26000, Rs. 34000 and Rs. 10000 respectively in a business on partnership. If the profict is Rs. 3500 B’s share will be
(a) Rs.1300 (b) Rs. 1700 (c) Rs. 500 (d) Rs. 1500
(e) Rs. 800

68. If a man sold the radio for Rs. 1980 and earned a profit of 10%, he would have bought the radio for
(a) Rs. 1782 (b) Rs. 1800 (c) Rs. 2178 (d) Rs.3000
(e) Rs.3001

69. If five men and nine women can complete a work in 19 days , three men and six women will complete the same work in
(a) 10days (b) 12 days (c) 13days (d) 15 days
(e) 20 days

70. If a man covers 600 metres in five minutes, his speed in km/hr is
(a) 7.2 (b) 3.6 (c ) 10 (d) 8.4
(e) 13.4

71. If a train travels at a speed of 180 km/hr what will be its speed in metres/ second?
(a) 5 (b)130 (c) 40 (d) 50
(e) 60

72. If 11 times a number is 132, what is the Number?
(a)11 (b) 8 (c) 13.2 (d) 15.7
(e) None of these

73. If simple interest of a certain amount of money for three years at the rate of 14% per annum is Rs. 235.20, what is the amount ?
(a) Rs.480 (b)Rs.560 (c) Rs.650 (d) Rs. 720
(e) None of these

74. The radius of a wire is decreased to its one third and if the volume remains the same how many times the length will increase?
(a) one time (b) three times (c) six times (d) nine times
(e) None of these

75. In which year did Mrs. Indira Gandhi die?
(a) 1960 (b) 1965 (c) 1970 (d)1980
(e) 1984

76. In what unit is Electricity measured?
(a) Volts (b) Watts (c) Metric (d) Laser
(e) Photoelectric

77. Substance which do not conduct heat or electricity is known as
(a) Wood (b) Insulator (c) Acoustics (d) Polygram
(e) Atom

78. What are supersonic planes?
(a) A fast moving ship (b) A passenger aircraft
(c) A helicopter
(d) A plane that flies faster than the speed of sound
(e) A plane used for flying at high altitudes.

79. Who is the religious head of Tibet who fled and saught asylum in India?
(a) Pluto (b) Chanakyan (c) Dalai Lama (d) Abdul gafoor
(e) Chow-En-Lai

80. Pride goes before ...........
(a) a fall (b) leaf (c) jump (d) virtue
(e) humility

81. A bird in hand is better than two in the
(a) town (b) village (c) bush (d) river
(e) sea
82. All that glitters is not
(a) silver (b) gold (c) copper (d) alloy
(e) platinum

83. Who discovered pencillin?
(a) Alexander Fleming (b) Joseph Nixon
(c) Edward Jenny (d) George Stephen (e) Sir David Brose

84. Which city in India is known as City of lakes?
(a) Udaipur (b) Jaipur (c) Thekkady (d) Hyderabad
(e) Ahemadabad

85. Where is Bhakara Dam situated?
(a) Delhi (b) Kerala (c) Punjab (d) Kashmir
(e) Assam

86. On which river is Nagarjunasagar Dam constructed?
(a) Bharathapuzha (b) Krishna
(c) Kaveri (d) Ganga (e) Pampa

87. Which is the richest temple in India?
(a) Sabarimala (b) Guruvayoor (c) Sri.Venkateswara (d) Palani
(e) Sreerangam

88. The biggest industry in India is
(a) Cars (b) Cashew (c) Sports goods(d) cycle
(e) Textile

89. Which place is known as Queen of Nilgiris?
(a) Coonoor (b) Kodaikkanal (c) Coimbatore (d) Kottagiri
(e) Udhagamandal

90. Which place is known as Venice of East?
(a)Ponmudi (b) Alappuzha (c) Kollam (d) Kozhikode

91. Bronze is an alloy of
(a) Zinc , tin and gold (b) Zinc, tin and silver
(c) Zinc, tin and mercury (d) Zinc, tin and copper
(e) Zinc, tin and iron.

92. Which is the most widely used metal?
(a) Gold (b) Iron (c) Copper (d) Aluminium
(e) Magnesium

93. IMF stands for
(a)Indian Medical Front (b) International Monitory Fund
(c) Indian Money Fund (d) Indian Military Fund
(e) International Money Fund

94. Which country has the highest GDP in the world?
(a) Japan (b) Britain (c) USA (d) Korea
(e) Ceylon

95. Who donated the Ranji Trophy ?
(a) Maharaja of Patiala (b) Maharaja of Kochi
(c) Queen of England (d) Chief Minister of Bombay
(e) Mayor ofGwalior

96. Which country is known as land of Kangaroo?
(a) Switzerland (b) Italy (c) Norway (d)Australia
(e) Spain

97. Which country produces the highest quantity of Mango ?
(a) Pakistan (b) Afganisthan(c) Nepal (d) China
(e) India

98. Which of the animals is an endangered animal in India?
(a) Wolf (b) Ass (c) Monkey (d) Elephant
(e) Tiger.

99. If a train, 300 metres long passes a tree in 15 seconds, then the speed of the train is
(a) 10 km/hr (b) 15 km/hr (c) 54 km/hr (d) 75 km/hr
(e) 100 km/hr.

100.If the product of two numbers is 120 and the sum of their square is 289 , then the sum of the two numbers is
(a) 20 (b) 23 (c) 169 (d) 190
(e) None of these


1.(c)  2.(e)  3.(a)  4.(d)  5.(b)
6.(e)  7.(e)   8.(a)  9.(c)  10.(b)
11.(b)  12.(b)  13.(d)  14.(a)  15.(a)
16.(d)  17.(c)  18.(e)  19.(b)  20.(a)
21.(e)  22.(e)  23.(d)  24.22% (2003 NSSO report)
25.(b)  26.(c)  27. (c)  28.(a)  29.(a)
30.(e)  31.(b)  32.(e)  33.(a)  34.(b)
35.(c)  36.(e)  37.(b)  38.(c)  39.(a)
40.(e)  41.(c)  42.(b)  43.(a)  44.(d)
45.(d)  46.(c)  47.(e)  48.(b)  49.(c)
50.(b)  51.(b)  52.(c)  53.(b)  54.(b)
55.(b)  56.(a)  57.(b)  58.(d)  59.(e)
60.(c)  61.(c)  62.(b)  63.(c)  64.(c)
65.(a)  66.(d)  67.(b)  68.(b)  69.(e)
70.(e)  71.(d)  72.(e)  73.(b)  74.(d)
75.(e)  76.(b)  77.(b)  78.(d)  79.(c)
80.(a)  81.(c)  82.(b)  83.(a)  84.(a)
85.(c)  86.(b)  87.(c)  88.(e)  89.(e)
90.(b)  91.(d)  92.(b)  93.(b)  94.(c)
95.(a)  96.(d)  97.(e) ` 98.(e)  99. Correct answer 72 km/hr

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