Solved Question Paper - LOWER DIVISION TYPIST-2012

1.The period of "Kulasekhara" regin was between
   (a)700-812 AD                        (b)628-712 AD
   (c)1152-1402 AD         (d)800-1102 AD

2.The growth rate of population in kerala between 2001 and 2011
   (a)5.84           (b)4.86
   (c)6.62           (d)3.37

3.Who is the author of the book "Revolution 2020"?
   (a)Chetan Bhagat        (b)A.P.J Abdul Kalam
   (c)V.S Naipal              (d)Aravind Adiga

4.The Indian born American writer who won the Pulitzer prize for General non-fiction in 2010
   (a)Vikas Swarup         (b)Sidharta Mukherjee
   (c)Shasi Tharoor         (d)Arundhati Roy

5.The antiquity of a language for considering it to be classical
   (a)3000-3500 years     (b)2500-3000 years
   (c)2000-2500 years     (d)1500-2000 years

6.Who was the first president of the organization "Bharatiya Jnanpith"?
   (a)Rama Jain              (b)Tarasankar Bandopadhyaya
   (c)Ramnath Goenka    (d)Firak Gorakpuri

7.The Malayalam novelist in the pen name "Vilasini" is
   (a)P.C Kuttikrishnan    (b)M .K Menon
   (c)M .R Nair                (d)N .P Muhammed

8.The state that did not participate in the first war of Independence
   (a)Uttar Pradesh         (b)Bihar
   (c)Rajasthan               (d)Tamilnadu

9.The symbols used to make people aware of the firstwar of independence
   (a)Mango and rose      (b)Maple Leaves
   (c)Bread and Lotus      (d)National Flag

10.How many people accompanied Gandhiji at the beginning of Dandi March from Sabarmati?
   (a)78              (b)87
   (c)63              (d)98

11.The place where Gandhiji was imprisoned for the last time
   (a)Birla Mandir            (b)Santhi Nikethan
   (c)Red Fort                 (d)Agha Khan Palace

12."Navy Mutiny" took place in the year
   (a)1939          (b)1945
   (c)1942          (d)1935

13.The Indian Prime Minister signed the Tashkent agreement with pakistan Gen.Ayub Khan.
   (a)Jawaharlal Nehru       (b)Indira Gandhi                                                                                  
   (c)Lal Bahadur Shastri   (d)Gulzari Lal Nanda

14.The architect of NAM:
   (a)Jawaharlal Nehru       (b)Sardar Vallabhai Patel
   (c)Morarji Desai             (d)Subash Chadra Bose

15.Which mountains are called "Young Mountains":
   (a)Western Ghats          (b)Aravally
   (c)Eastern Ghats           (d)Himalayas

16.Wular Lake is located in:
   (a)Karnataka                  (b)Bihar
   (c)Himachal Pradesh      (d)Kashmir

17.The largest masonry dam in India:
    (a)Nagarjuna Sager       (b)Mullaperiyar dam
    (c)Rihand dam              (d)Tehri dam

18.National Dairy Development Board is situated at:
    (a)Vechur                     (b)Anand
    (c)Raichur                    (d)Shimoga

19.One Horse Power is:
    (a)0.745 kilowatt           (b)0.746 kilowatt
    (c)0.747 kilowatt           (d)0.748 kilowatt

20.Which of the following are shield volcanoes?
    (a)Andaman Nicobar Islans      (b)Lakshadweep Islands
    (c)Hawaiian Islands                 (c)Easter Islands

21.Tuning fork was inventesd by:
    (a)John Shore               (b)John Harrison
    (c)John Hadly               (d)John kay

22.What is known as "The King Of Chemicals":?
    (a)Citric acid                 (b)Hydrochloric acid
    (c)Formic acid              (d)Sulfuric acid

23.Which part of the Indian constitution contains the Fundamental rights?
    (a)Part 1                       (b)Part 2
    (c)Part 3                       (d)Part 4

24.The reasonable restrictions is included in the article:
     (a)19(1)                       (b)19(2)
     (c)19(1)a                     (d)19(2)a

25.The amendment that made the right to property a legal right.
     (a)41                           (b)42  
     (c)43                           (d)44

26.The appointing authority of Finance Commission:
     (a)Union Finance Minister      (b)President of India
     (c)Vice-President                  (d)Prime Minister

27.The country which introduced Right to Information Legislation:
     (a)USA                        (b)India
     (c)Sweden                   (d)Ireland

28.The Indian state where the movement for RTI was pioneered.
     (a)Gujarat                    (b)Rajasthan  
     (c)Goa                        (d)Kerala

29.RTI exempted in:
     (a)Jammu and Kashmir          (b)Bihar
     (c)Delhi                                (d)Jharkhand

30.The National Rural Health Mission was launched on:
     (a)15 Aprl 2004            (b)12 April 2005
     (c)14 April 2007           (d)16 April 2008

31.......... bits is called one byte
     (a)4                 (b)6
     (c)8                 (d)10

32.Hexadecimal Number system uses symbols
     (a)18               (b)16
     (c)14               (d)12

33........... is known as the brain of computer
     (a)CPU            (b)ALU
     (c)OMR           (d)VDU

34.DBMS stands for
    (a)Data Base Management System
    (b)Data Base Management Software
    (c)Data Base Manipulation System
    (d)Data Base Manipulation Software

35.A private network inside a company is called
    (a)Internet         (b)Intranet
    (c)WWW          (d)ISP

36.The process of detecting and correcting program errors is called
    (a)Documentation           (b)Coding
    (c)Debugging                  (d)Testing

37.(10)2+(1)2=( )2
    (a)110              (b)101
    (c)011              (d)001

38.Select the odd one from Key board,mouse,OMR,CRT
    (a)Key board     (b)Mouse
    (c)OMR            (d)CRT

39.The process of combining the main document with the data source is called
    (a)Processing   (b)Editing
    (c)Merging        (d)Solving

40.Find the odd one out from COBOL,FORTRAN,PASCAL,LINUX
    (a)COBOL        (b)PASCAL
    (c)FORTRAN    (d)LINUX

41....... Bytes= 1 kilo Byte
    (a)1000            (b)1024
    (c)1036            (d)1012

42.The functions used to enter current time in a worksheet cell
    (a)=today         (b)=now( )
    (c)=time( )        (d)=currenttime( )

43.A computer program that converts Assembly language to Machine language
    (a)Compiler       (b)Interpreter
    (d)Assembler    (d)None of these

44.Which of the following is not an example of operating system
    (a)Ubuntu         (b)Red Hat Linux
    (c)Windows XP (d)Open Office

45.Which of the following is used to reboot the computer
    (a)ctrl + alt + del             (b)ctrl + alt + shift
    (c)alt + shift +del            (d)ctrl + alt + tab

46.The Expanded form of HTML
    (a)Higher Text Markup Language
    (b)Hyper Text Markup Language
    (c)Hyper Text Manipulation  Language
    (d)Higher Text Manipulation Language

47.Which command allows to make a directory?
    (a)Make           (b)DIR
    (c)MD              (d)DD

48.MS Word is an example of
    (a)Scanner                     (b)System Software
    (c)Operating System       (d)Application Software

49.The way of manipulating data into information is called
    (a)Storing         (b)Processing
    (c)Deletion        (d)Organizing  

50.Device Performs modulation and demodulation
    (a)Switch          (b)Hub
    (c)Modem         (d)Satellite

51.which DOS command is used to delete the empty directory?
    (a)DEL*.*          (b)RD
    (c)ERASE        (d)MD

52.The disk must be .............before it can be used
    (a)formatted      (b)reformatted
    (c)addressed    (d)none of the above

53.what type of a device is computer keyboard?
    (a)memory        (b)output
    (c)storage         (d)input

54.which of the following is not a type of page margin?
    (a)left               (b)right
    (c)center          (d)top

55.what is the smallest and largest font size available in font size tool on formatting tool bar?
     (a)8 and 72      (b)8 and 64
     (c)12 and 72    (d)12 and 64   

56.A computer's main memory is called;
     (a)data base    (b)RAM
     (c)computer memory (d)all of the above

57.Information is;
    (a)data             (b)processed data
    (c)manipulated input (d)computer output

58.The process of transferring files from a computer on the internet to our computer is called;
    (a)uploading      (b)transffering
    (c)downloading  (d)refreshing

59.Which of the following is a read only memory storage device?
    (a)Floppy disc   (b)Hard disk
    (c)CD ROM      (d)None of these

60.Surgeons can perform delicate operations by manipulating devices of computers instead of manually.This technology is    known as
    (a)Robotics       (b)Computer forensics
    (c)Simulation    (d)Forecasting

61.All the following are examples of input devices except
    (a)Scanner       (b)mouse
    (c)keyboard      (d)Printer

62.Binary number system uses ............. digits
    (a)8                  (b)6
    (c)4                  (d)2

63.A list of instructions used by a computer is called
    (a)Program       (b)Data
    (c)Text             (d)Information

64.The main memory of a computer can also be called
    (a)Internal memory          (b)Primary memory
    (c)Secondary memory     (d)Primary storage

65.The printer used to take carbon copies
    (a)Laser           (b)Ink Jet
    (c)Dot Matrix    (d)All of the above

66.The rocker of the typewriting machine gives
    (a)Up and Down movement     (b)Lengthwise movement
    (c)Step by Step movement      (d)Reverse movement

67.What will be the effect of two little carriage tension?
    (a)Letters may overlap            (b)Make Jerks
    (c)Move easily without strain   (d)None

68.The stroke of the keys and typing speed can be adapted to the personal requirements of the operator by adjusting
    (a)Main spring                (b)Touch Regulator
    (c)Line space setter        (d)Feed Rolls

69.Which tabulator of a typewriter brings the carriage instantly to the exact writing pointin each column where the writing is to begin?
    (a)Self Starter                 (b)Single-key Tabulator
    (c)Key set Tabulator       (d)Decimal Tabulator

70.What is the effect of using Touch Method?
    (a)Less work                  (b)Greater Speed
    (c)Commit mistakes       (d)More physical strain

71.What defect will cause in typewriting,the capital letters not in a line with lower case letters?
    (a)Defective Typebar movement
    (b)Defective Letter spacing
    (c)Defective carriage movement
    (d)Defective margins

72.What makes the typing of chemical and mathematical formulae easy and simple?
    (a)Line space letter                (b)Paper Balls
    (c)Variable Line space lever    (d)Magin setters

73.When the text is printed or typed lengthwise page orientation,it is called
    (a)Landscape    (b)Navigation
    (c)Portrait         (d)Editing

74.By default the new document will be saved as word document with an extension
    (a).EXT             (b).COM
    (c).DOC           (d)None

75.What is the term used for the word processing programs that show you directly on the PC screen the appearance of your final document as you might expect on the paper?
   (a)WYSIWYG    (b)Pagination
   (c)Soft Copy      (d)Search and Replace

76.What is used to find a more precise expression for a given word?
   (a)Default settings           (b)Page Breaks
   (c)Header and Footer       (d)Thesaurus

77.The main document and data source can be handled through the option of
   (a)Paragraph      (b)Picture
   (c)Mail merge    (d)Text Allignment

78.Which option to arrange text in newspaper style?
   (a)Autocorrect                 (b)Width and Spacing
   (c)Text Wrapping             (d)Text attributes

79.The shortcut key used for undo an action
   (a)CTRL+Y        (b)CTRL+G
   (c)CTRL+S        (d)CTRL+Z

80.The general arrangement of text is known as
   (a)Formatting     (b)Printing
   (c)Editing          (d)Designing

81.Neutrinos are electrically
   (a)Positive         (b)Negative
   (c)Neutral          (d)Not Applicable

82.The acronym "OPERA" means
   (a)Oscillation Promotion with Emulsion-Tracking Apparatus
   (b)Oscillation Projection with Evolution Tracking Apparatus
   (c)Osmosis Promotion with Evolution Tracking Apparatus
   (d)Oscillation Project with Emulsion-Tracking Apparatus

83.The 17th European Union member ti adopt the "Euro"
   (a)Ireland           (b)Estonia
   (c)Croatia          (d)Turkey

84.The festival which was in news recently due to the proposed visit of salman rushdie to india?
    (a)jaipur literature festival       
    (b)apeejay kolkata literary festival
    (c)kochi letters international festival    
    (d)kovalam literary festival

85.Homai vyaravala was honoured by:
    (a)padmabhushan           (b)padmashree
    (c)padmavibhushan         (d)none of these

86.The country where the' jasmine revolution' was  sprouted;
    (a)egypt           (b)tunisia
     (c)yemen         (d)libya

87.Among the following who was not a drafting member of Jan Lokpal Bill?
    (a)Justice Santhosh Hegde     (b)Prashant Bhushan
    (c)Kiran Bedi                         (d)Aravind Kejriwal

88.The celebrity ambassodor of UNICEF in India
    (a)Saif Ali Khan              (b)Shah Rukh Khan
    (c)Amir Khan                  (d)Salman Khan

89.The NGO which argued the people to the movement "Occupy Wall Street"
    (a)Ad Busters   (b)O and M
    (c)A and M       (d)Equations

90.The chairman  of National Disaster Management Authority in India
   (a)Home Minister             (b)Defence Minister
   (c)Finance Minister          (e)Prime Minister

91.The Photographer who is awarded "Padmasree" twice (in 1972 and 2012)
   (a)Michael Adams           (b)N.L Balakrishnan
   (c)Prakash Jha                (D)Sunil Jane

92.The editor of "The Hindu" newspaper
   (a)N.Ram`                       (b)N.Ravi
   (c)Sidharth Varadarajan    (d)J.Venkiteshan

93.World "Cancer day" is observed on
   (a)February 4     (b)March 21
   (c)January 14     (d)July 4

94.The example for "Badge Engineering"
   (a)Vista - Indigo
   (b)Rapid - Vento
   (c)Superb - Sunny
   (d)Scorpio - Xtrail

95.The theme song of World Cup Cricket 2011
    (a)Come on India Dikha do
    (b)Jai Ho
    (c)De Ghuma Ke
    (d)None of these

96.Child Sex ratio as per 2011 Census
    (a)940:1000      (b)938:1000
    (c)942:1000      (d)914:1000

97.The state where cow slaughter is a punishable offence upto seven years of imprisonment
    (a)Gujarat         (b)Maharashtra
    (c)Bihar            (d)Haryana

98.The country which decided to close down all its nuclear power plants by 2022
    (a)France         (b)Italy
    (c)Japan           (d)Germany

99.The Kerala region according to the rock inscription of Emperor Asoka
    (a)Keralakara    (b)Kairalipura
    (c)Keralaputra   (d)Keraleeyam

100.The highest peak of peninsular india
     (a)Anamudi      (b)Ponmudi
     (c)Rajamala     (d)Chembra peak


1.D ,2.B, 3.A, 4.B ,5.D ,6.A ,7.B ,8.D ,9___, 10.A  

21.A,22.D,23.C,24.D,25.D,26.B,27.B,28.B,29.A,30.2005 MAY10,

Solved Question Paper - LOWER DIVISION TYPIST-2012
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