junior instructor (computer operator & programming assistant) previous year question and answers 2012

1.To insert adecorative text in the document____________is used.
   a) picture  b)text box c)drop cap d)word art
2.Indexing of a record is possible in.
   a)data file b)batch file c)document file d)database file
3.In C Language the data type float has ____________ memory requirement.
   a)1 byte b)2 byte c)3 byte d)4 byte
4An iteration control statement.
    a)for b)if...else c)switch...case d)nested if
5.In C language___________ function is used to allocate a block of memory.
    a)calloc( )    b) realloc( )   c)free( )    d)malloc( )
6.The range of electromagnetic between 10 KHz and 1 GZz is called.
   a)infrared frequency   b)radio frequency   c)audio frequency   d)microwave frequency
7.DIX stands for .
     a)Digital Inner and Xerox  b)duplicate, Inner and Xerox
    c)Digital,Intel and Xerox d)Duplicate, Intel and Xerox
8.Ib C num/=2 is:
   a) num/num=2  b)num/2=num  c)num/2=0  d)num=num/2
9.The source code craeted by the programmer:
   a)file  b)program c)system file  d)pseudocode
10.The shortcut key for moving to the beginning of the WORD document:
   a)Ctrl+shift+home    b)Ctrl+home   c)Shift+home  d)Alt+home
11.Which register keeps the track of the next instruction to be executed?
    a)program counter   b)Instruction register   c)Input/output register   d)Language tranlator
12.POL is:
   a)Low level language    b)Assembly language  c)High level language   d)Language transilator
13.The voltage,current,resistance can be measured using:
   a)voltmeter   b)ammeter    c)multimeter  d)resistor
14.In Excel the shortcut key for open research task pane to search through reference material:
  a)alt+click     b)ctrl+click     c)shift+click  d)ctrl+alt+click
15.The shortcut key for viewing macros in excel is:
  a)alt+f5    b)alt+f6   c)alt+f7    d)alt+f8
16.Which of the following is a private network?
  a)Internet   b)Arpanet   c)Intranet     d)Extract
17.Hyperlink is:
   a)object   b)homepage    c)webpage   d)website
18.Lycos.com is :
    a)web browser    b)search engine   c)hyperlink   d)mail id
19.The extension of HTML file is:
     a).hml    b).tml    c).htm    d)htl
20.HTML was introduced in:
    a)1987     b)1988   c)1989    d)1990
21.In C#  define is.
a)pre processor compiler directive b)header file c)delimiter d)library function
22.In C the delay ( ) is used to:
a)temporarily stop an execution b)stop execution in a specific interval 
c)stop an execution d)execution continues after a break 
23.Office Access 2007 provides __________ different data types.
a)4   b)8   c)10  d)255

24.Fact(4) returns:

a)4     b)10    c)16    d)24
25.In excel banded rows are presente in:
a)Format menu  b)Table menu      c)Data validation   d)Text to colums
26.Which chart illustrate comparison among individual data items?
a)Pie  b)Column  c)Bar  d)Area 
27.Documentation is:
a)Mesh topology  b)Ring topology  c)Graph topology  d)Tree topology
28.Documentation is:
a)The process of checkimg data in a program 
b)The process of providing sufficient information in a peograma to understand its working 
c)The process of preparing codes   d)The process of preparing object program
29.The extension in the URL, in addition suffixes, the extra code 'de' stands for:
a)Canada  b)United Kingdom  c)Germany   d)Taiwan 
30.In VB, modules are saved with extension:
a).BAS  b).mdl  c).mod  d).mls
31.In VB methods are:
a)code  b)object  c)functions  d)properties 
32.Implicit conversion is performed by:
a)user  b)compiler  c)interpreter  d)processor 
33.Magnetic tape is: a)visual aid  b)audio aid  c)audio visual aid  d)communication aid
34.The minimum number that can be represented by 8 bit is:


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